Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boudoir Belle

I'd finally collected enough supplies to make another of my flapper girl style hat stands today - I like to make them as authentic looking as possible, so hunt out boudoir doll faces or the little cheeky baby doll faces from the 1920's and 30's. Any fabrics and trims I use need to be from this era too...I'm particularly fond of orange for these girls, as I think its such a typical 30's choice, alongside acid or mossy greens. 

This lovely lady was going to make a very sophisticated hat stand.
The last part of the jigsaw was a 1930's barley twist candlestick - Perfect for the base.
I've shown how to make various versions of these girls before here, here and here, so won't go through the whole process again, but here is how this one turned out...
I do think she's rather wonderful, if I may say myself? - My daughters have never really liked my collection of 'decapitated heads on sticks' as they call them , so I realise they are an acquired taste, but hopefully there will be someone at the Vintage Bazaar next Saturday who shares my passion, and she'll find a new home soon.
I decorated her silk velvet cloche hat with some original little ribbon flowers which I have been saving for several years...They came from the wonderful shop in Dinan, France. 

And the gorgeous dyed ostrich feather trim has been saved even longer...I had a small sample piece with its original stock number tag attached...I've left this on the doll as I feel it adds antique charm. 
As you see, she has quite a different look to some of my other hat stands...I always love creating one-off pieces for people to treasure.
Here's the rest of her modelling port folio!...
One with the other stick-thin supermodels!
With vintage hat...
And without. ***
Hope you've had a lovely spring day :)

Update: Just wanted to add: If the flapper era is your style, then you NEED to check out the fabulous collection of pins on Carol Rutherford's Pinterest boards - Here!
Niki x


  1. She is gorgeous Niki, and the perfect colour combination. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, let's hope we have some sunshine.
    Jo xx

  2. Love the bright colour, she looks great.

  3. You are so clever Niki she's wonderful!
    I love seeing your collection of Flapper hat stands,In fact i like seeing all your collections ;) x

  4. Stunning!
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. She is fantastic! I so so love to visit your blog and look at the pictures of all your latest treasures.

  6. Nikki, I lake your dolls. In is very nice and antique charm. Thank you!


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