Thursday, April 18, 2013

Powder Puff Girls

Do I, Don't I?...
As always, that is the question I ask myself before I set to work on a new collection of generally frivolous creations...For most, money is tight and so making items that are a non-essential and just a bit of fun, is a risk...Will someone want to treat themselves or will they consider it to be an extravagance?

Perhaps my latest little powder puff girls will appeal to someone looking for an unual gift for a friend?...I can guarantee they won't have another one the same...I've made them using soft velvets, and finished each with assorted antique/vintage trims and embellishments. I also used cute vintage doll faces to keep them looking as authentic as possible.
Made in a similar way to other powder puffs I've put together in the past, I think these are a cute alternative to the more 'grown-up' boudoir looking examples I've created.

Each has a little cloche hat decorated with either a salvaged satin ribbon bow, or ribbonwork rosebuds. 
I think they'd look adorable displayed in a pretty china or glass bowl holding some talcum powder
I shall be taking them with me to the Spring Vintage Bazaar on Saturday - I'll be back again tomorrow to show some of the other pieces I've been working on for the fair.
My thanks to those who stop-by my blog and leave comments...Always nice to read what you have to say :) x
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. Omg they are so beautiful! I love each and everyone Niki and the trims you have chosen are just perfect!
    Don't they have the most fabulous expressions? xxx

  2. Yes, they are very beautiful! It is a pity that such a thing is getting smaller

  3. They are so, so cute!

  4. These are brilliant!

  5. Well I would love one of these so depending on what you are charging I should think they will fly out the door! x

  6. Sometimes when you are hard up spending a little on a treat can make it worth living on beans for the next week! These are really cute. x Joan

  7. I would love to purchase one of these. Do you have a shop online? ebay, etsy perhaps?

    1. Thank you for your interest Madiecal Marttin - I'm sorry I no longer make these powder puffs. (I sell my handmade goods via my website - Link at the top of this page.)


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