Monday, April 15, 2013

Springtime Round-up

When I look back at some of the photographs I took at the previous Spring Vintage Bazaars that I've attended, and see all of the beautiful displays of lilac blooms on many of the stalls, it is clear to see how far behind everything is in the garden this year...
The white lilac branches are still quite bare with only the tiniest hint of green buds at their tips...There will be no scented boughs to decorate the stalls this year...
Its mostly tiny specimens who have awoken so far...
Lots of yellow (which I'm not usually very keen on), but does at least brings some cheerfulness to the borders early on in the season...
And it has actually inspired me for a change, to dress a couple of my handmade dolls in pastel yellow for the Bazaar on Saturday. (I'll show them here later this week.)

A few beautiful blues offer themselves up too and have inspired me to dress another dolly in a fabulous sky blue Sanderson chintz fabric, printed with violets and lily-of-the-valley posies.

It has been a long time coming, but the signs are at last there, and spring really is just around the corner...

So come on out of hibernation and visit the Vintage Bazaar if you can - It promises to lift everyone's spirits with the many wonderful pieces on offer from the fabulous line-up of stall holders. 

April in the shop has found me changing many of the displays and adding to the stock on the shelves...


I've been on a non-stop mission to make lots of new items too...
Taking some antique lace, ribbons and bunches of old millinery violets...

I've made a collection of pretty pocket money-priced powder puffs! 


And of course I've been out shopping for vintage treasures. My latest finds included quite a few pieces of costume jewellery...


I love this WWII sweetheart brooch with someone's initials. The tiny hanging heart is engraved with two names  - Jack & Jessie...
And on the reverse it reads 'Forget me Not'. 
A pair of Deco dress clips. 
Powder compact, men's collar-stud box and vintage buttons.
A matchbox complete with its tiny safety matches inside. 

Miniature No.4711 perfume bottles.
And more teeny things - A minute tin containing a tape measure and the teeniest book printed with religious quotes.
This little bird is damaged, but I just had to give him a home.
A silver metal jewel box to store them all!

Pretty antique chamber pot.
And a cheeky Sylvac terrier dog.
I hope April is being kind to you - Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. I can not put into words, how much I enjoyed this post. I zoomed all of your photos up to screen size and took in every little detail. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My, how I love visiting your lovely blog :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Oh Niki my mum wore 4711 when she first started dating me dad,A few years ago i bought her a bottle and she smelling it and it brought back lovely memories.
    Your stash of goodies are beautiful as usual and your powder puffs are adorable!
    I am so glad to see yellow everywhere this year as it has been such a long Winter it's just nice like you say to see some colour,Can't wait to see your new dolls xxx

  3. My Gran always wore 4711 and there was always a bottle like that on her dressing table, isn't it strange how a little thing like that can bring back such happy memories . I also love the GR brooch ,( it used to be my initials).

  4. Oh how those beautiful images make me even sadder that I live so far away. I would love to lose myself at your amazing bazaar, but will have to make do with looking at your fabulous stock instead!

  5. I really enjoy looking at your photos. Greetings!!!


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