Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Bit of a Crossroads

I had to give my workroom a tidy up as we had a viewing on the house this week...
You might think that with a place for everything, and everything in it's place, I'd find it much easier to work in...
But with (most!) things filed away neatly...
I find it a little uninspiring.
As I see it, the problem is, that I have to decide on a particular item I want to use in my work and then go off and find it, rather than having a big jumble of stuff out on a work bench and working with what's in front of me.
(I think this is how I would work better and more creatively. Look at this lovely chaotic jumble - it's the awesome workshop of Selene aka Gibbous Fashion.
Sometimes chaos is good - LOVE her stuff!)
Hence here I am procrastinating...
writing a blog post rather than getting some work done!
I guess I'm still adjusting...
At the shop I had piles of fabrics and trims in crates out the back. Without the distractions of home life nagging at me, for instance the ironing waiting in a pile, I was able to get on and make things all day in between serving customers. 
Over the past 5 years I have been really quite productive and was always very focused
Previous to that I did work from home for about 8 years and generally was very motivated - I loved making things and knew I was lucky to be selling things that I had handmade. 
The market has changed a lot since then and its vital to keep reinventing and coming up with new ideas. 
Maybe I'm waiting for inspiration to hit and it would do me good to take a few steps back for a little while. 
Today I spent a perfect morning chatting with a friend - A lovely lady I have known for quite a few years, but someone who has never actually come to my home for a cup of tea and a chat...
She talks a lot of sense and I value her opinion - It was good to take some time out and just be me for a while...
Also I am grateful to all those who left lovely comments and advice on my previous blog post.
I still plan on launching my new website this week and hope to once again make use of all the lovely supplies I have collected over the years...
I do want to use them wisely and appropriately...
Some of these things have been around for many decades - Something I am always mindful of...
They deserve to shine.
My thanks for stopping-by and for reading my ramblings...
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my workroom...
Even if it isn't seeing much work actually being done right now! 
Ha!  ;-)

Niki x


  1. Do you know what Niki, it's OK to give yourself a rest from making. Those of us in this line of business always feel the pressure to make, make , make, but we need time out just for ourselves. I expect Christmas has been a very busy time spent with family, and now that it's all over it's only natural to feel a bit lost with no clear direction. I have days when I just can't face making anything so I go for a walk or go shopping or just laze about! And I don't feel guilty......As for inspiration - well that will come along in no time, it always does!
    Oh for a workroom large enough to spread everything out, so that you're not constantly having to move things from on top of each other and juggle finding a clear surface on which to work! I quite sympathise.....it's when unexpected things are randomly placed next to other that new ideas often emerge, so I'm all for making a mess once in a while. It's hard not having that weekly interaction with customers now, but your blogging friends are still here to give encouragement and inspiration.

  2. Hi Niki,I REALLY enjoyed looking at your lovely workroom.You have so many fabulous things.You are lucky to be so clever and able to make amazing things!How I WISH I had talent.Tonight I have spent hours trying to make a cushion cover and little hearts.The cushion cover I sewed on the wrong side!and my hearts were wonky,I just cannot get the knack of how to sew across the top of the heart to make the shape at the top!Grrr! I WILL try again tomorrow when I feel refreshed.Also it is difficult to think of the next "on trend" item.Well I say ttfn for now and look forward very much to your next post.Kind Regards Pam.

  3. I don't really know how to say this but....I am sad to see the beautiful banner at the top of your page has gone - sob. The colours and jewels were how I wanted my life to look like (it so doesn't) but it was always there to see whenever I wanted and now, gulp, it's gone. I love the things you make but no pennies and no place in the home I live in at the moment. One day tho.......
    Susan x

  4. Oh Niki your workroom is so fab. I want to come a create. You are so lucky and have so much.. Just wonderful.

  5. I'd love to rummage in your workroom and create something too!
    Perhaps you could do this say once a week or month as a teaching/creative class?
    I can't remember what you said your plans were once you have moved, so don't know if you had already mentioned something like this?
    But, wishing you good luck in whatever avenue your go down. xxx

  6. I always love to see your work room and aim to keep mine tidy too but it takes hours to tidy and 2 seconds to make it look like an explosion in a paint factory.

    Happy creating Niki look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    best wishes Ginny x

  7. Hi Susan,
    I am sorry that you miss my old banner...as they say 'you can't please all of the people all of the time'. I had, had the same banner for over 8 years - It was due for a change! My style has evolved and I needed a more neutral design to showcase it...My best selling fairy dolls are always those made from old cream antique lace - I love how the old book pages and sheet music sit with this style. I no longer wanted that slightly twee pink and aqua feel.
    The old banner image showed vintage brooches, which at one time I used to fasten to my handmade bags. Not a style I want to go back to, as there are so many others doing it now.
    (However, my old banner can still be seen on my pinterest - on the 'Photos from my blog' board - scroll down to the bottom of the page)

  8. Lovely post, lovely work room, lovely fabrics/laces/jewels/supplies. I'm hoping you will be listing bundles of fabrics/laces/jewels/etc., when you get your website up and running. I looked at your stash of fabrics and wanted to go in there and get one of this, one of that, oh, and 2 of those, 3 of this, and more. What lovely treasures you have to work with.

    I Great Britain, you have so much more history and historical supplies to draw from. Me? I have to get these things online, even from the UK.

    Your wonderful book arrived in yesterday's mail. It is so gorgeous and I'm going to start studying it regularly.

    Keep up the great artwork and great blogging.

    Marrianna, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  9. Thanks for your comment Marianna - It would be difficult for me to sell many of my supplies, as they have taken years to accumulate and are worth more to me as the raw materials for my work than any monetary value I could get for them (having said that, items that I look out for have gone up hugely in price over the years - as supplies dry out). Funnily enough, I used to buy boxes full of old millinery flowers and 50's hats from dealers in the States! Before the shipping prices went up and the customs people REALLY got involved - not a viable option any more. :( Perhaps it depend which State you live in then? I always thought the girls in the US had so much at their finger tips...you only have to read Rachel Ashwell's flea market books to believe that.

    Hope you enjoy my book and thanks again for your purchase, Niki


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