Tuesday, January 06, 2015

First Signs...

Spring may seem a way-off just yet, but it's lovely to see a few early signs... 
Snowdrops - Taken in our garden this afternoon.

It won't be long before the birds start nesting again...
These are a few nests collected from our garden over the years. One was a blackbirds, the other the wrens ('rescued' last year).
And with it being time to take down the festive wreath from the front door, it seemed a shame to just throw it on the compost heap...
So I removed the glittered snowflakes and ribbon and re-hung it from the ironwork in our back garden...where I can see it for a bit longer from our living room window. 

Such a lovely sunny day today - Hope you've enjoyed your day,
Niki x


  1. Its lovely to see the things growing in the garden. Spring is not far away!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Wow, Niki! Pretty redesign! It is always nice to see signs of Spring. Even though we have pretty mild weather here all year long, I still love seeing Spring unfurl! :)

  3. Hi Niki
    I recycled my wreath too... One of my resolutions this year 'recycle and revamp'... Alas Most of the others have already fallen by the wayside!
    Bye for now, Frances x


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