Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I was going to make another of these fairy dress box frames last week, from another Victorian photograph mount, but then had a flash of inspiration and instead, thought I'd make a window into a fairy story...
I made the box at the back in the same way and lined the inside with pages from a vintage children's story book. 
In the back of the window I used a stone wall effect paper that I happened to have in my supplies. It gave just the look I wanted for a tower prison...
Can you guess who lives here? 
It's Rapunzel. 
I have made her in a similar way to my fairy dolls and have dressed her in antique fabrics and trims. 
She wears an original Deco dress clip as a tiara.
But it's her hair that is the main feature. I used pure white mohair yarn, binding it into an unruly plait. I threaded ribbons through it and added millinery flowers, leaves and glitter powders. 
Designed to hang on a wall, she'll bring a whimsical touch wherever she is placed. 
She will be sent out carefully packaged inside this vintage fabric covered box. All of my fairy dolls will be accompanied by their own unique name tag, tiny bird clip and a few special sprinkles of fairy magic. 
Rapunzel will be available to buy from my on-line shop, which I hope to launch tomorrow. 
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. Wow Niki, she is stunning! Seems like you've been working very hard in your workroom! Jackie xx

  2. Me too, I thought of STUNNING! That is awesome, Niki. Including the fine box and all. Good luck with your new online shop.

  3. GORGEOUS - She is beautiful
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Wow Niki she is stunning what a gorgeous and unique idea. You are one talented lady, dee x

  5. Oh so beautiful Niki! xxx

  6. She is beautiful! M x

  7. Talent, thy name is Niki! This is wonderful. Your creativity amazes and delights me. Great artwork and I look forward to your new onlilne shop.


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