Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Wardrobe

This forlorn little lady has been patiently waiting in my workroom for me to find the time to give her a little bit of a makeover. 
She's a doll with a velveteen body (lovely shapely legs and ankles!), a felt head and moulded face, with the most beautiful blue glass eyes. 
Probably dating from the 1920's, possibly 30's, but certainly showing her age! 
Today was her moment...

She now has a cosy Fair Isle wool sweater, cotton lace petticoat and a skirt made from genuine 30's fabric. A little velvet cloche decorated with feathers and a crocheted flower keep her head warm. 
All can be removed if required - She's still the same girl underneath, just she now feels ready to face the public when I take her to one of the vintage fairs this year!  

For the time being though, she's keeping me company in my workroom. She actually still has a working cry inside her tummy, which she lets out when she's rocked back and forth. 
It's tempting to give her a little hug now and then, as she's got such a cute look now...Or is that just me? I know some people find old dolls a bit creepy! 
Talking of which(!!)...
Next in-line to be saved, is this casualty, from the same era as the velveteen doll.
Some things are worth trying to rescue...Just look at this lovely face...
I think a fur wrap will be in order to disguise where I'll have to 'polyfiller' her neck. 
Happy days! 
Thanks for dropping-by.
Thank you too, to all who have bought from my on-line shop - I've slowly been adding more items when time allows.
Enjoy the rest of your day,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki You have done it again definitely cute and very loveable Lynne xx

  2. Niki I love her make over. Love that you used old material.

  3. Anonymous10:27 pm

    She's a real 'doll' Niki.

  4. Hi sweet Niki!!! I don't know if you remember be as I've not been visiting blogs in such a long time but came across the wonderful feature of your shop in Daphne's Diaries! What a beautiful keepsake for you to remember it by ~ I loved seeing it all. I too gave up my store years ago and have loved simply selling online. Not much overhead! Your creations are all such treasures...this doll is so beautiful now, you gave her a new life! I've always loved your taste and what you do and create. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and will you well! hugs and love, Dawn

  5. How lucky they are to have you give them renewed life and purpose! Adorable!

  6. Miss Velveteen is gorgeous, she looks like she is just about to go for a walk over the moors. She is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxx

  7. She looks gorgeous and so much warmer bless her :-) She has a really sweet face which you can see more now she is dresses to. Good luck with your next project. dee x


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