Friday, March 06, 2015

Feed the Birds...

Having mentioned the lovely crow that we met whilst out and about in Somerset the other week, I have now come across this sweet story - A little girl in Seattle regularly feeds the crows that visit her garden and over the years they have brought her gifts in return for her kindness. 
She keeps each one and stores the collection she's amassed inside a bead storage container. If you've not heard the tale yourself, you can read the delightful story here.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x 


  1. I saw this story the other day, it was very interesting that they would bring her gifts!

  2. Thanks Niki, what a charming story. I particularly love the fact that the Crows actually seemed to wash the lens cap before returning it... now that's what I call a 'clean crow' .
    I hope they 'caryon' doing it!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Frances xx
    Ps) we're on tenderhoks waiting for grandchild number 2 to arrive.. A week late now.


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