Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miss Havisham II

I've been working on another Miss Havisham fairy...She's the perfect character to create when I want to work with beautiful antique tattered lace...
A disintegratingly, fragile silk bow here...
and tarnished charms there. 
She has a tiny metal tiara in her hair and discoloured sequins embellishing her sleeves.
A crumpled lace veil hangs down her back.
After creating her, I was going to box her up in the usual way, but then remembered a faded velvet Victorian picture frame I had in my workroom. 
It would have once been a rich olive green, but now has an old gold look about it, with most of the velvet pile rubbed smooth. 
Also, I was recently given some lovely scrapbooking papers from my friend Belinda - This lace printed paper (entitled 'Granny's Lace'!) was perfect for the background. 
Thanks Bee! x

To finish, I gave her a tiny French mirror, which would have been part of an elaborate antique Globe De Marie many years ago (Oh' how appropriate! :))
And the once beautiful butterflies are pinned into position like antique specimens...
frozen in time like the tragic Miss Havisham. 
I also singed the hem of her dress to represent her sad demise (as in a previous artwork.)
I have one more version of Miss H to work on soon, after buying some wonderful old lace pieces that came from the attic of a French Ch√Ęteau, I've been inspired to use them before they are lost forever...some so fragile, they wouldn't survive another laundering...
Enjoy your weekend,
Niki x


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  2. Hi Niki,
    Ah she is beautiful!i love her frame and vintage treasures,you are so talented,enjoy your weekend x

  3. Love Miss Haversham
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Anonymous10:44 pm

    A sad demise without doubt... But a triumphant reincarnation. She's lovely.
    Frances x

  5. Jason8:30 pm

    She will be arriving to her new home very soon xxx

  6. Hi Jason - Thanks for your purchase - Hope you'll be please with her!

  7. Hi from Roslyn in Cornwall....came across you on your blog....

    1. Hi There. Thank you for your kind words - I now use Instagram rather than Blogger and can be found as user name niki_fretwell :)


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