Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Clean

What a beautiful weekend it was...
Perfect for getting lots of chores done in the garden.
We'd ordered a dumpy bag full of bark chips, so after weeding the whole bottom corner of our garden, we spread the mulch around the plants and under the apple trees...
An impossible task to achieve later in the year, when the area should look like this!
Isn't nature amazing?! 

The gunnera has started to emerge after it's winter sleep and it won't be long before he's engulfing this area again (that's him on the left, below).
Yesterday I filled in gaps with easy to grow seeds, such as nasturtiums and marigolds, popping them in their planting position all the way down the side of the garden. 
The other long flower bed always looks a bit like Steptoe's Yard at this time of year with my collection of antique chimney pots dominating the scene...
But again, hopefully in a few months time, it will be unrecognisable. 

The bird table was cleaned up and filled with food - the visitors to it seem to be ravenous just now...I guess they have lots of hard work ahead of them...

Hubby gave the lawns their first cut of the year and all immediately looked a lot tidier. 

Then it was time to enjoy the flowers that are working hard just now too. 
Hope you had a good weekend,
Niki x


  1. Ooh you have been a busy bee Niki ;) your garden is beautiful and it is so lovely to be out enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birds,your staircase and raised terrace is wonderful..i had another go today in our garden and my hands are feeling a little sore,have a lovely evening xxx

  2. Beautiful Niki, all so well looked after and tidy. I love the vista through the arch to the shed, gorgeous!

  3. Looking beautiful Niki..such a lovely feeling to get out in the fresh air on a sunny day! xx

  4. What a gorgeous garden - it's an idyllic setting.


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