Monday, March 09, 2015

On a Mission for a Pink One!

Every now and then, I get a bee-in-my-bonnet and feel a need to de-clutter at home. The laundry room has been my latest target. It being a room used mostly for chores, I'd tried to make it cheerful by filling the shelf that runs around the whole room with pretty china and vintage pictures, to create an enjoyable space to be in when ironing etc. 
It's also a great room for doing flower arranging in, with the convenience of the sink and the great natural light from the two windows. With this in mind, I decided it might be nice to have all of my 'Dartmouth' (and the like) vases out on display for easy selection. 
These Deco vases are a great shape for filling with garden flowers, with many of them not needing oasis foam, with the squiggly wire supporting structures that fit the insides being all that's needed - It has become more difficult to find these original 30's and 40's vases still fitted with them though.
Since buying my copy of Vintage Flowers a few years ago (which I still find very inspirational) and seeing the beautiful displays that author/florist Vic Brotherson creates in her Deco vases, I've become a little obsessed with them! 
This one's my favourite. 
It is still possible to pick these vases up at a very reasonable price and the styles available is quite varied...
Which means it can be very difficult to leave them behind when they turn up on my buying trips...
This is just what happened at the weekend when I found these three below! (The Sylvac one was £4, the stylish black one £3, and the front turquoise beauty was £1!) 
The black one may not be to everyone's taste, but I think filled with large pink cabbage roses or bright red dahlias, it would look stunning. 
The three of them have found their way onto my shelf, but I'm determined to not clutter up the space too much again. 

Although it will be hard to resist a pastel pink one should one come my way! ;-))
 (then I'd have one to match all of the colours in the rug on the floor...that's my excuse anyway!)

It may not look a whole lot different after the move around, but there's a bit more breathing space.

Which is more than can be said for the china cabinet! ;-))
Let's face it, I'm a lost cause! ;-))
Niki x


  1. There is just something about Dartmouth pottery isn't there. When I was a child we used to holiday there every year, then in the 80's my parent built a house there. Everytime we were on holiday we visited the second's shop at the pottery, and when I visited and stayed a few days with a my parents I used to leave my boys with my parents and head for the second's shop.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Those Dartmouth vases are totally unknown to me. They look very nice, indeed. I am always so thankful to see all your treasures - it looks very much the same here, a part of the fact, that there would be no photo of my laundry room right now. All hands on in the garden, spring has arrived :-).

  3. I love those vases and must say I've never seen a black one before - quite a stunner! I've never seen those squiggly things either - I always thought oasis was a must - these are far better. Anyway you must have one of the prettiest laundry rooms out - I think I'd be snuggling up there with a good book. Lovely x Jane

  4. Your laundry room is a beautiful and charming room! I am enchanted by it.

  5. Your vases are beautiful,and your laundry room is so pretty. I love your colourful china/pottery collection too ... guaranteed to cheer you up when doing the ironing :)

  6. What a lovely, peaceful looking spot for floral arranging and doing laundry! It looks quite cozy!

  7. Hi Niki
    I just love the high shelf in your laundry. I hate ironing but a room like that just might convert me. I'll keep an eye open for a pink one for you on my travels.
    Hugs Frances x

  8. Oh Niki,you have the most charming laundry room!I too have quite a few of those lovely shaped vases and I do enjoy doing arrangements in all sorts of containers.I wish I could be a florist it must be such a rewarding job dealing with pretty flowers everyday!Pam.

  9. Hi Niki, I love keeping up with what's going on in your life via your blog. I do miss coming into your shop for a little chat but will catch up with you soon at one of the fairs xx

  10. Thanks for your kind comments ladies!

    Would be lovely to catch up with you again Helen. Hope to see you at Frome maybe. N x

  11. Oh Niki i have a love for these too! i had a really large Arthur somebody one and cracked it on the sink tap as i was rinsing it,i have managed to find a few since then with the wire holders in too,ahhh a pink one would be m dream too ;) xxx


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