Monday, November 03, 2008

Friends Reunited.

We've just got back from a wonderful few days away visiting friends and relatives in Norfolk. It was lovely to relax and be looked after by my parents, and to catch-up, having not seen each other since last October.

We made the most of the short visit, spending one of the days in the delightfully old-fashioned and unspoilt Suffolk town of Southwold. We walked to the end of the pier and also around the interesting little shops along the high street.

We spotted this in an Estate Agents window - hmmm...very expensive sheds they have around here(!)....
But very beautiful sheds....
We're talking very select beach huts, compact and bijou, arranged in neat rows...
Painted in glossy, cheerful, summery colours....
...with stunning views out to sea!
To round off the day, we visited 'Nutters', where my daughter bought handfuls of tasty jelly beans of beach hut colours!
When we got back from our day trip she carved a pumpkin ready for the Halloween visitors.

Which we lit and placed on top of the well outside my parent's house.
Another very exciting day was one which I had been looking forward to for ages. We had arranged to go and visit Teena of Kitschen Pink in her beautiful self-built home. (We knew each other as young children, but had lost contact when Teena moved to Norfolk.) We hadn't seen each other for 30 there was a lot of catching up to do!
Lots of tea was made on the beloved aga in her gorgeous 1950's style kitchen and we talked for several hours and ate delicious homemade lemon cake. Isn't her kitchen fabulous? - they have worked so hard sourcing, renovating and fitting the original 50's 'English Rose' metal cabinets and adding suitable accessories and adornments.
Thanks again Teena - it was sooooo good to spend some time with you and to meet your adorable son - thanks for making us so welcome. (Let's not wait another 30 years!)
Teena also showered me in gifts, which I have enjoyed finding homes for now that we are back in Somerset. This dainty figurine stands on my tiled bedroom fireplace....
A rose printed china cream jug holds a hydrangea head on a kitchen shelf....
And a black floral glazed bottle has found its place amongst some Carlton ware. My gifts also included homemade crab apple jelly and apple juice - what a treat - thanks T! xx
Now its back to work and getting up to date with all the laundry!
Have a great week,
Niki x
PS: A few of you think I would have been clever enough to have made a souffle! (See post below) -No way! I'm not the best cook; this is my version of a shepherds pie! I use an egg yolk mixed into the mashed potato and red Leicester cheese grated on the top.


  1. What a lovely kitchen ! Norfolk looks lovely I think we will have to take the little gren van there for a holl. The weather looks lovely too. I love your blog and all the wonderful pictures.
    Love H

  2. we love Norfolk, every april for many years we would travel there to go sailing on a beautiful old sailing boat called vagabond. You have brought back memories that I haven't thought about for ages. They were pre children hols just us and the dog, and the weather was of corse always perfect!

  3. Love those beach huts.

  4. I've never been to Norfolk but I think I shall have to visit sometime soon! It looks wonderful..the sea, the beach huts, the colours.

    Your friends 50s kitchen looks amazing. I'm very envious!!

    Thanks for the great photos, Lucy xx

  5. Oh Sweetie! We loved having you here too!
    That pier picture is incredible! You take amazing photoes! And how clever to make the connection between the jelly beans and beach huts!
    Tell your beautiful girl that my beautiful boy LOVES that pumpkin!

  6. Oh wow!! i would love to have a beach hut, or even to see them in rows like that would be sooo exciting, yes it doesn't take much to excite me does it..I am a bit the same with jars of old buttons...and my family think I am hard to buy gifts for....go figure! Despite the fact we have a kazillion Beaches near me in Australia i have never ever seen a beach house here, so thanks so much for sharing.
    Some of my fondest memories of visiting and living in England was staying in Norfolk for two weeks with a kitchen so similar to that it makes my heart ache....but in such a nice way!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  7. What a gorgeous view from those sheds (and the sheds are darling, too)! And that KITCHEN! WOW!

    And why are the words "holiday" and "laundry" synonymous? lol Have an enjoyable week, Niki!

  8. Looks like you had a great time in Norfolk Niki. Thanks for introducing Teena to Willow House, she has a lovely blog.
    As for the beach huts I kick myself everytime I see the prices as I decided against buying one back in the early 90's, when they were only a few grand, foolishly thinking that we wouldn't get enough use from one. Oh well...
    Carolyn x

  9. Those beach huts make me want to go on vacation right now. Never seen anything quite like that. I love Teena's retro kitchen very chic!

  10. Lovely to hear that you had such a good half term too Niki!! Beautiful photos, the beach huts are almost edible! I have been admiring Teena's house for a long time, isn't it beautiful, love the kitchen

  11. Oh I truly love those sheds. What darling colors too. Your pictures are just wonderful. So glad you had a great time!

    Deanna :)

  12. What a lovely place to visit...I so love the ocean. Time spent with family and loved ones in so special.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time

  13. Looks like a good few days away. I've always wanted to go to Southwold. The beach huts are gorgeous but crikey those prices! Teena's kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. Must have been great to catch up after so long.

  14. Beautiful post. How lovely to catch up with Teena again and to find that you are both into vintage!

    Souffle isn't that clever really, you just need to eat it quick before it collapses. I want to have a go at your shepherds pie topping now!

    My book arrived today HOORAH!!!!! Haven't had a chance to look at it properly but it looks so delicious that I cannot wait. I shall savour each and every page Niki.

  15. oh my you have the most delish pictures ,wish I could just fly there with a big bag o'money and a bottomless suitcase!love the little foxglove creamer and sugar bowl and all the flowery papers..aahh...thank you for the pretty pictures..


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