Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember, Remember...

Happy Bonfire Night!
Be safe, Niki x


  1. Hope you have a happy Bonfire Night.

  2. Happy Bonfire Night. Are you lucky enough to have a clear sky like that tonight? We've just got low cloud and drizzle which is why we've changed our plans and decided to stay snug and warm at home instead of going to a bonfire.Might have felt different if we'd had a night like in your picture.

  3. Our neighbouring farmer is putting on a very good display - and who says you never get something for nothing! Hurrah for other people's fireworks! t.xx

  4. Sounds like fun, I have only been to one and it was a big one. We were visiting new found relataives in the mid west states and I turned my back to talk to a new relative when out of the corner of my eye my youngest son and a few other boys thought it would be fun to ride bikes up a make shift ramp over the fire. Needless to say the men were cheering and I was the crazy wife that went off on the dangers of such a thing...

  5. Hi Niki

    When I enlarged you picture, it looked like a shooting star in the sky :0)



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