Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Only 6 weeks to go.....why can't I be more organised?!
Has anyone noticed how the word verification codes, when leaving a comment, have become less complicated? They used to be full of X's, Y's, W's and V's. Now they seem to spell out cute little words! My latest one was this one:
I can just imagine this being a word on 'Call My Bluff' and there being three very plausible definitions for it!
"Could you fetch my befuzza darling? - I seem to have got myself into an awkward situation here!"
OK, signing off now before you think I've completely lost the plot! But let me know if you're issued with any good verification words that we could add to the Blogger's dictionary!
Niki x


  1. Oh my goodness, Niki! Coming here to your lovely UK blog and seeing this post reminded me that my last trip to England was during the Christmas holiday! And to think I wasn't into VINTAGE back then! All the lovely British treasures I could have been collecting... heehee!

  2. How can we be this far into the year already? How?!

  3. This year flew by! I am totally unorganized and not ready for any holidays. I love your cute postcard.

  4. :)
    Happens to me EVERY year, no matter how many times I say "next year I will be more organized".


  5. Nooooo don't mention the C-word!! 6 weeks? crikey!

  6. I'll bet you are really! Your standards are probably way higher than mine are LOL. Love this old card!

  7. I'm feeling a bit "befuzza"ed myself about where the time has gone.

  8. I DID notice the word verification codes! I didn't understand why - but I did notice they are easier to look at and remember because you can actually "say" them aloud -instead of them being garbled gobbledygook! I like it.

  9. Love the Befussa word, its how I feel when I think Christmas is coming.....
    Ps My word here today was~~ Dentsca

  10. What a lovely and interesting blog you have, I have enjoyed my visit and will be back to visit again soon.

  11. Oh my gosh I love that word! Yes I have noticed how the words have changed. Good times!LoL!
    ~Tam :D

  12. Sweetie you've got it completely wrong - there are at least 12 weeks -possibly even 22 weeks. I'm certain of that. Absolutely, I'm not going to check I'm sure that's right. 12 weeks. No, 22. Definately (am I a little befuzzed or should I be panicking? Open a bottle and pour me a glass of something before you un-befuzz me! t.x

  13. Hey there! You are so right. I left a comment on my pal Beverly's blog and I had to spell out the word POLITE and on my sister's blog the other day I had to spell out VANESSA.I should have taken a picture of them. I will have my digital at the ready next time!

    Have a great evening,
    Deanna :)

    okay, word verification today on your blog is cute is that?

  14. I did notice it too. Just yesterday when I actually typed a word and thought "that was weird".

  15. yes I did notice the word verficiation, for instance for this comment I got "resin" and can
    actually read it :)

  16. I've just had "hinga" when leaving a comment on Donna's blog. Is it a dance or a disease as in 'I have a hinga' or maybe 'I suffer from hinga'. Either way it sounds painful. I now have to key in "rapie" to post this comment!

    Sue x

  17. Got back to your blog again after a couple days. It's just so charming. Your word verification post is so funny. I've often thought that, too. Once my husband got into an arguement with the family when we were playing a game because he came up with the word "mugrings". He insisted it was a word!! Have a wonderful day!


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