Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vintage Brooches

Some of you may know that I often add vintage brooches to my hand made creations.
I love the old twinkly costume brooches which add a little sparkle and a unique touch to the vintage and antique fabrics that I recycle.

The variety of them is endless and I am at my happiest when in search of these treasures to find as embellishments for my work....but sometimes the perfect piece proves elusive....

And so I have been making some unique brooches of my own.

I have reused small pieces of vintage fabrics and hand embroidered linens stretched over the circular frame and held in place by decorative running stitches in silken threads. I have added a safety pin to the back so that they can be attached to a lapel, hat or bag.
These have been added to my website's on-line catalogue today, along with lots of affordable festive gift sets for the vintage-lovers on your shopping list.

An assortment of postcard gift sets....
Handmade powder-puffs (with brooch detail!) for the boudoir...

Pretty diamante necklaces for the glamour-puss of the Christmas party!
Pillows and coat hangers with more glittering adornements.

And of course some new one-of-a-kind dollies are awaiting adoption!

This is Esme, who I think looks as if she may burst into song at any moment! 'White Christmas' perhaps?

Pearl (proudly wearing her mother-of-pearl brooch pinned to her fluffy vintage mohair coat)...
And this is Joy, in her traditional tartan ensemble, who would be happy to sit beneath your Christmas tree this year.

My thanks to all who have made a purchase from my website since the last update and also to all of you who have ordered a copy of my book. Your kind emails, feedback and book reviews are very much appreciated - they really mean a lot to me, so thank you for finding the time! xx
Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. I too am a big fan of vintage brooches....I love the colors and the sparkly bling.
    Your dolls are adorable,you do a great job on them. I really like Pearl. :o) Sue

  2. my goodness Niki such very beautiful things, your handmade brooches are lovely how you constantly think up such original ideas is amazing. Good on you. So pleased to hear that your book is such a success my girls are delighted to have my christmas present sorted between them , can't wait for that parcel on the 25th Dec.

  3. I love brooches and the ones featured on your blog are just gorgeous.

  4. HI Nikki..
    Lovely lovely brooches...

  5. Hi Niki

    I collect vintage brooches too, although I don't have as many as you do and mine live in boxes!
    also wanted to say I received my copy of your book last week and am very pleased with it. Lots of lovely photographs, great advice and I love the creative ideas. I find a lot of the 'vintage' books a bit dry and boring, but certainly not yours! Where DO you get all your ideas from?

    Liz X

  6. What beautiful brooches, Niki! And those dolls are DARLING!

    (PS you may snag that photo of your dolls in my cupboard on my blog... I was not able to take a better photo, as it is in a corner of the room and the lighting is not very good. My flash was bouncing off the shiny wooden cupboard.) =)

  7. I love old brooches too - I used to have a lovely collection of them many years ago but they were stolen in a burglary - I think they thought they were diamonds! I was more upset about the brooches than anything else.

    You dolls are adorable!

  8. Hi Niki, sorry i havnt been around for a while...I can see you have been are indeed an inspiration to so many people...keep up the good work chick, I hope everything is ok with you xx

    I have been tagged, so I thought i would pass it on to you hun, as you have been such a good friend to me.

    check out my blog for the rules...I cant wait to read your 6 things...Ill email you soon :)

    Love happy x

  9. LOVE your collection of your vintage brooches! I also just love your blog! Your so creative!

  10. A feast for the eyes as usual : )

  11. Ooohh pretty!
    love Alison x

  12. What lovely brooches. I love old brooches and necklaces. I have a small collection from my Mom and Granny!

  13. Oh how I love your pretty brooches! I too at one time had my antique pins displayed on my maniquin...Jewelry is one of my most favorite collectibles. Take care Pinkie

  14. Oh I'm so pleased you've got an Esme, that's my youngest daughter's name and she would have chosen that fabric for her dress too! I love all your brooches and new additions to your website, as always!

  15. Oh what beautiful collection of jewelry. I love brooches. I have a handful of my late mother in-laws jeweled pins. I wear them on everything-my dressy jean jacket, my sweaters...I even place them over the top button over my zipper on my pants if I'm wearing a shirt tucked in.

    Niki, when you get a chance, come over to my blog. I have an award for you!

    Have a wonderful evening!
    Deanna :)

  16. So much eye candy as always! Ilove it here. I have taggedyou on my Sundays blog post. Please come have a look.

  17. OH NIKI,
    I WANT ONE OF EVERYTHING!!! Love love love your collection and as a matter of fact, I found an OLD vintage window valance that has swags on it, I am embellishing it with my vintage jewels and will hang it centered on my 9 foot long picture window. I will of course, send you a picture of it when it's done. It's a work in progress as I am sure you know where I am coming from on that.
    Love and hugs to you my sweet friend, off to your website now.
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  18. I love your pretty little girls! They are winning my heart!


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