Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wear & Tear

Of course it wouldn't pay for us all to be the same; as they say, 'it takes all sorts to make a world'. But it seems to me that it is the majority who scuttle around the high streets buying pristine and perfect goods to add to their gleaming homes, at an almost obscene level. Acquiring items because the ones they own already are 'beyond their best' and need replacing.
It is good to know, through the power of blogging, that there are a minority of us who appreciate the general wear and tear that occurs to the objects that surround us with the passing of time. As well as those who actively seek out and recycle treasures with time-worn characteristics to add uniqueness to their surroundings.
Be it: Tarnished and rusted metals, crusty with oxidisation.

Rubbed, threadbare and shredded fabrics....
Worn thin from a loving touch.
Repairs, patches and darns adding their own sympathetic additions.
Faded, mellow colours to evoke a calming, easy-on-the-eye quality.
Creased, crumpled, floppy adornments that just can't be replicated in the modern world.
Frayed, scuffed, tattered and torn lovelies...
with ragged, shabby edges.
Cracks and wrinkles expressing that passing of the decades.
The chips and knocks of a well-loved piece.
Scratches, scrapes and nicks revealing the bare bones beneath.
Mottled, grungy, stained surfaces echo that elapse of time.

Weathered, windswept, craggy and eroded stonework...
Creating homes to lichen and mosses, who envelop and add character to the gnarled and battered surfaces.
Smoothed areas from daily handling...
and distressed edges creating a comfortable, lived-in look.
Textiles yellowed with age - not seen as a flaw or weakness.
Dilapidated and blemished, but embraced and relished.
Love and enjoy the things around you and accept and welcome their defects for the individuality they imbue.
Niki x


  1. Niki I totally agree with this. Worn and used is so much nicer than all the pristine things available on the high street. I just hope that this current credit crunch may help more people realise that the recent trend for 'buy buy buy' of all things new is not a nice thing. Love the images of all the lovely worn things. Fiona

  2. Good Morning from Atlanta Ga USA
    I read your blog everyday but have never leaft a comment. I'm new to the blog world and wasn't sure how to do it. Then my lovely daughter showed me how and I've been busy ever since. LOL
    I agree whold heartedly with you. There is NOTHING in my home that is new! I have purchased everything from an antiwue store or thrift store or yard sale. Here in the states we have yards sales on every corner. This includes all my clothes and all my children's clothes (when they were still at home) and all my 8 grandkids clothes. I almost break into a rash when I have to go into a regular "store"

    I love to imagine what kind of life the item had before me and why in the world did someone get rid of it.
    I love y our blog and will be back everyday.
    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  3. Sounds like you were describing me!!! Seriously though, I couldn't agree with you more, when you look at things that are brand new and manufactured and then older things that have lived a life, there's no comparison

  4. This is all so very true, Niki! I simply adore wear and tear, especially when the items have been handed down from my own ancestors. Then I know firsthand who did the "wearing and tearing", and I can feel a connection to a family member I may never have met.

    You know, I WAS going to call them Yorkshire Puddings! heehee =) Hubby and I make quite alot of British foods (toad in the hole was a favorite of mine to make when we first married)... bangers and mash I've been making alot these past few chilly nights.

    You certainly may add the photo of the dollies in my cabinet! =) I will try to see if I can take a better pic of them this weekend. If I do, I will email it to you. =)

  5. You could actually be describing me and my aging bod!!! I feel my bits are wrinkled, dilapidated and blemished!!
    Lovely pictures as usual .... H XX

  6. I totally agree. I love the fact that items have history behind them and someone else has once loved them. It makes the item far more special to me. Wonderful photographs by the way.

  7. I agree with you Niki but don't forget that all those lovely bits and bobs where new once. For me it isn't so much that something is new or old but the quality that counts. So many new items are massed produced in China or where ever and the quality is awful. Having said that it is feeding lots of people in China! Also, being exceedly tight, I love a bargain and you can get some beauties at a bootsale or junk shop ~ you can't haggle in M&S! I'm hoping this rain will stop so I can have a good rummage at the booty tomorrow. Lucyxx

  8. A face without lines is a life not lived...
    and this goes for all our treasured possessions.
    I would always prefer a worn heirloom to a brand spanking new item..
    I still love to see real craftsmanship.. something that is sadly lacking in our mass produced world.

    Michele xx

  9. I totally agree !! why is everyone continually buying new stuff? Having said that.....I'm glad they are because it leaves the gorgeous bits like those in your photographs for us, I adore the darned curtains, I love foxed mirrors, in fact all of your pictures are just fab!!!
    Lovely post, lovely.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  10. Oh, How I love this post, so true you are....Lived, loved and worn by time, so many stories they could tell if they could talk...Pinkie

  11. I couldnt agree with you more and your photos are gorgeous.

  12. Miss Charity Case8:43 am

    I hope this credit crunch doesn't make lots of ppeople go racing ot to get the vintage and shabby, because then the folk who have been doing it for years will have less to buy and treasure. I know this seems mean but I find it hard enogh to get a bargain as it is.

  13. As you can see from my business name I totally agree in full with all the pictures and what is said in this post!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  14. My sentiments exactly but we do have friends who think otherwise, like the couple who replace their fitted kitchen every 3 to 4 years.Crazy huh?

  15. I tell this to hubby all the time - he's lucky I appreciate tired out, battered things all tatty round the edges! that's why we've been married so long! HA! He says it right back! Actually I'm very grateful to those who live a consumer lifestyle - keep away from 'my' charity shops I say! It's smelly in there and you never know what you might catch! Dreadful places..... leave it all to little old tatty me!

  16. Oh I so agree with you-I don't have much that is a new purchase in my home. I love things with history-imagining the stories that would be told if they could be. I just had a great find myself that I am pretty darn excited about! Pop on over to my blog and take a look! I'd like to invite you to join my blog as well if you like?
    ~Tam :)

  17. Niki, I am a new reader and adore your blog. I so agree with what you say in this post. Objects with a story that can't be found in mass quantity are so much more valuable to me.

  18. Perfection for me is imperfection! I love things that have been loved and used,Niki your book arrived today,it is simply wonderful! I am really looking forward to savour every single page! eye candy indeed!

  19. Like the other comments, I totally agree, Niki. Which is why I spend more time in the charity shops than the high street chains! The old, the unique, the quirky - these are what make a home cosy and inviting. I love the photos! Have a good week. Denise

  20. Right on sister! You know I agree with every word!
    Liz xx

  21. I laughed when you said obscene! You are so right too. Love the photos :)
    Your time worn friend...Phyllis


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