Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A naughty but nice treat that I indulged in far too heavily last night!

My daughters 15th Birthday cake which had to be eaten! Ha!
Suddenly there seems to be a lot of candles and its me that is feeling so much older....

Then another treat, which arrived via the postman this morning, was a complete surprise.

This beautiful array of pink loveliness had been sent to me from Italy by Monica.
Monica has kindly bought several items from my website in the past - her beautiful photographs can be seen on the 'inspiration' page. We email each other now-and-then, but I wasn't expecting Christmas gifts! Thank you so much Monica for your kindness!
I look forward to reading the 'Sew Pretty Christmas Home' this evening.
Now, the treat for us all is that Monica has started her own blog today. Her creativity and photography are stunning, so we are sure of a visual feast - I just know it!
And finally for today; I have had some 2009 calendars professionally printed, entitled 'Living with Nostalgia' with photographs taken from my recently published book of that name.
It is printed a page per month and has plenty of space to jot down important dates and appointments to remember...

As well as cheerful pictures to brighten your day!

I shall add them to my website soon, but for now I have plenty of sewing to finish...
I hope that you are all enjoying your week,
Niki x
Update: Sorry, all the calendars are now reserved, but I hope to order some more before Christmas - thanks to all who placed an order - I was overwhelmed by the response!


  1. I shall definitely see you tomorrow, hoorah! I warn you that I am a bit fluey though and have all but lost my voice today so I am hoping for a quick recovery by tomorrow. Please can you bring along a calendar for me sweetie, they look beautiful :-)

  2. Tour calendar is just beautiful I'm sure it will find it's way into a lot of Christmas stockings.

  3. Niki, I can say nothing but THANK YOU! Thank you for all your kind support during the past months, thank you for you found the time to do this, and to comment on my first post! I know how busy you are...
    Thank you also for being inspiring for us all, like- minded gals!
    By the way.... looooooooove your calendars! A feast for the eyes!
    Monica x.

  4. That cake looks scrummy.

  5. I just found your blog from Sue's - how wonderful it is here, I will be back often I'm sure. I love the area where you live, spending much time at my Granny's just outside Shaftesbury. Your calendars look beautiful. I'm having a launch party over at my blog for my new Bumpkin Bears Art Prints - it would be lovely if you'd like to pop along :) Catherine x

  6. Oh lordy that calendar!!! Beautiful!
    I had seen Monica's many pics on your insp. page and can't wait to see her blog now!
    LOL on those candles making YOU feel old. I will remember not to put any on my teenager's cake in Feb...

  7. There is nothing better than a home made chocolate cake. Yum. I myself made too many batches of fudge over the weekend "just because" and I am trying to keep my weight in check for the Mother of the Bride dress! lol but it tastes sooooo good. So you are not alone... :)

  8. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Post us a bit of your next cake, please...! Lovely!!

  9. Ohhh! Yummy birthday cake! Your calendar looks yummy, too! I can hardly wait till it is in your shop! =) I did see Monica's lovely blog - now I am off to see her photography! =)

  10. Mmmm, lovely looking cake and a lovely calendar too. Better add that to the xmas list...
    Look forward to hearing what you think of the Sew Pretty Homestyle book. It's lovely to look at but I don't find the instructions that brilliant and I find everything comes out small - but maybe I'm doing something wrong! A wonderful gift though, lucky you!
    Hen x

  11. you just can't beat chocolate cake, your calenders look wonderful
    another Christmas present sorted hope you have plenty.

  12. Hi Niki

    What a lovely surprise from Monica!

    I'm sure you deserved those extra slices of cake and I expect you'll have worked them off before the next birthday in the Stone House household.

    A calendar for me tomorrow, too, please, along with all the other bits and pieces!

    Sue x

  13. Chocolate cke-YUM! And what a nice gift you recieved! Adore your calendars too!
    You are a blessed girl for sure!
    ~Tam :D

  14. Ok ...I definitely need one of those calendars... when are they going in your shop?? :)


  15. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Her cake looks delish! And your calendar looks great! Very nice job!

  16. Next time you get lumbered with cake just mail it to me! I'm always happy to help out a friend! Especially a cake that scrummy! OH so many candles for a little girl!!!! Calendar - FANTASTIC!!!! t.xxxxx

  17. P.S. When do you publish postcards and greetings????? Now! now!!! t.xx

  18. oh goodness.. I love the calendar.. would happy if I could have one in my household.. very yummylicious pictures on the calendar.. and Happy birthday to your daughter..

  19. what a wonderful blog! filled with beauty, happiness and inspiration! wow! i wish i could live IN your blog :)

  20. Oh so fabulous Nikki congrats to you, first your own book and now a calender too, wow!! I wanted to print my own photo calender for ages, just never got around doing it, but now that I see how beautiful your's turned out I regret not having done it so far.

    And the pressies you've received from Monica are so beautiful! Lucky you!

    Sending you best wishes from Boxwood Cottage
    Carola xox

  21. Hello Niki, Happy Birthday to your daughter, I don't expect there's any of that yummy cake left, but if there is I think you have my address ....!
    Lovely goodies to receive in the post.
    What a great idea to make a calendar, looking forward to seeing it on your website, it looks wonderful


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