Monday, July 12, 2010


I would like to thank everyone who sent me a personal email, or who came to visit me in my shop last week...
For some reason some of you were concerned about me, saying that some of my recent posts gave the impression that I was sad....
I'm not entirely sure why that would be, but I would like to assure you that I am happy and that business is good - thank you! With the risk that I may be breaching customer confidentiality - Having the BBC so close to my shop's door, and me with my varied range of vintage/antique stock, means last minute purchases for stage setting have often been made! ;-))
And given the fact that the Edwardian era has a dressmaker moving into the upstairs shop over the ironmongers, couldn't be better for me! :)
Yes, the Victorian years have now past and the shops have been revamped for the Edwardian era of the filming, which commenced again on Sunday, and will continue for most of this week.
The activities from the 1870s provided an upbeat front cover to the Shepton Mallet Journal, with reports of all the goings-on to be found inside.

(I even made the front cover when I was caught queuing for my portion of the giant cheddar cheese! - Well a back view of me, anyway!)

I know that a few of you read my blog, finding me via 'Shepton Life' - so I would just like to let you know that you can also link to me via my main address here.

If you happen to be local, perhaps you also read in the Journal about the controversial application made by the supermarket giant at the top of the town? I hope that you will continue to use the cafes on the high street, and also, if you do happen to object to the application, an address to send your objections to can be found in the article here.*
So, to finish my post with the activities going on, on the lower end of the high street and Market Place...(which are far more interesting than anything that can be found in the supermarket's vicinity(!)...)
'Sergisons' the grocers, along with the other BBC shops have received their face lifts and been fast-forwarded to the elegant Edwardian times...
I love the beautiful arched details that have been added to the shop's windows...I hope to bring you a few more sneaky peeks later this week.

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Just beautiful photos Niki and how true it is that we rarely go see the things that are close at hand in our own town...I am guilty of the same thing!
    The metal sculpture of the two cranes in the water was my favorite, so graceful...
    Tina xo

  2. Hi Niki

    I hope that your parents had a good stay, the weather was good to them! It was nice to meet your parents last week.Camerton looks like a place I'd like to visit some day.
    I went to Shepton Mallet today and was photographed buying some bread from the Edwardian tea room/bakery. It's so much fun being able to be involved. I spotted you on the front page of the journal, It was your beautiful long hair which I spotted ;-).
    I too read the article about Tesco opening up a coffee shop. Whatever next!?! It must not go through, I feel so strongly about going back to shopping like we used to. Unfortunately we still need supermarkets because there are so few village shops and even in towns you can't always buy what you need. Superstores should NEVER have been allowed in towns! We are planning to cut right back on supermarket shopping. When we have a vegetable /fruit garden that will be a great help. I am also looking for a local supplier of free range/organic eggs. The farm I buy from is selling up...I want to make all my jams, pickles, chutneys etc... I know it's going to take up more of my time, time I don't have much of as it is but I firmly believe it's the right direction for us. I want to cut Supermarket shopping by 60% at least. Quite a target but I am working on it...
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Wow this place is beautiful!
    Im so glad i stumbled upon your blog
    Big hugs

  4. Hi Niki

    There's certainly plenty of activity in the Market Place at the moment, isn't there. What with your items and my haberdashery, lace and fabric being used, together with some of Lizzie's, there'll be plenty of blogging going on when the series is shown!!!! Did you get your tour?

    Glad you had a lovely few days with your parents - what a find in Camerton Court. Lovely!

    Sue x

  5. The house and gardens at Camerton Court are stunning!!!!
    Kerry xxxx

  6. Camerton Court is beautiful.

  7. Thanks so much Niki for sharing all those lovely photos. I too love vintage treasures and have collected them for years, specialising in handmade tablelinens.I have recently launched an online shop to disperse some of my treasures.

  8. Hi Niki, your blog is always amazing. We are still planning our trip to the UK in September and your blog has given us plenty of interesting places to visit. We will definitely be popping into your shop and stuffing plenty of beautiful vintage finds into our luggage for the trip home. You have been my inspiration to start my own little blog from our little country town in Australia. Tamara

  9. Hi Niki!
    I'm happy for you, your work is wonderful! ;o))
    I want to be there and enjoy this beautiful event Edwardian ... sob!
    Good luck, see you soon, Maria!


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