Thursday, July 22, 2010

More of the Same...

Filming continued on Shepton Mallet's Market Place today...
And yesterday evening the activities made it onto the BBC Points West news programme.
I was rather excited to see my shop in the background shot whilst the beautiful Mandy, a local resident who is heavily involved in the show, was interviewed by the news reporter.
Today I had lots of people in and out of my shop, despite the heavy downpours this afternoon...
One lovely lady, and her equally lovely daughter, both of whom I have been longing to meet for around 2 years now (as we have only spoken on the phone or via email), came to visit around lunchtime. Lots of photos were taken, so if any of them make it onto her blog, I shall let you know...;-))
She'd told me she would try and make it over, so I bought these pretty purple daisy flowers for the shop early this morning to really brighten the place up! ;-))

The red arm chair has made it into the shop this week too...
And I've finished making the patriotic pillows that I mentioned in my previous post.
That's all for now - Have a lovely evening.
I'm off to watch Victorian Pharmacy on the TV now, which just happened to be being filmed when hubby and I visited Blist Hill on our Silver Wedding Anniversary weekend.
Niki x

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  1. Hi
    I used to live near Shepton Mallet at Oakhill, and I will so look forward to watching the programme when it comes out, it must be so exciting, I will definitely stop and visit your shop next time we come through, love your blog and all your pretty things!


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