Monday, July 19, 2010

Key of the Door...

Daughter number 2 turns 21 today...(gulp!)

Of course I had to include a little vintage inspired gift to her.

And there's a special cake for her to enjoy this evening...

Made by younger sister...

Do you think there will be enough calories in each slice?!

Happy Birthday to my fabulous girl! xx
Mum x


  1. Gorgeous cake and wrapping...wonder what the pressie is! Happy Birthday to your daughter! xxx

  2. What a fabulous cake! Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday!


  3. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Oh, happy birthday to your daughter :) also that cake looks lovely, it's making me feel quite hungry <3 xxx

  4. Ahhh! Your youngest is so very talented! She definitely has 'chef-genes'... I always like to admire her creative efforts in the kitchen!
    Happy Birthday to daughter #2!

  5. Hi Niki!
    Happy birthday to your girl with all my heart!
    A kiss also Coral, wonderful! ;o))
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  6. Happy Natal Day to your 21 year old! I have one that age myself.... although her cake wasn't as wonderful as this one here you have for yours. wow!

  7. Wow Niki - what a cake. Congrats to E on her culinary skills and likewise congrats to M. Hadn't realised she was 21.

    Sue x

  8. My 2nd Son turned 21 on 17th, had BIG party at home (70 people). It was good, but would have been happier with a beautiful cake! Sometimes boys just don't appreciate the finer things in life! Hope your girl has a lovely day.

  9. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, Niki. What a stupendous cake. I am glad my daughter is too young to read Blogs as I would have too much to live up to next March. xx

  10. Oh yes that cake looks sugary sweet! Happy Birthday..
    oxoxox, Diane

  11. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    Julie xxxxx

  12. Happy Birthday Miss Nostalgia! Hope you have a fabulous day!


  13. Your blog is great inspiration, my daughter is eighteen next year, I love the tag, never mind what lovely present might be inside!Linda:)


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