Friday, October 15, 2010

Dressed Dresser

This had to be a keeper...I was so happy to find this little row of vintage hand crochet lace motifs recently, all joined together in a row...

They reminded me of a length of bunting.

So two drawing pins later, and they've found a home on our kitchen dresser.

The assorted china in our collection, some French, some English, some 50's kitsch, has all been bought over many years. I remember being able to purchase the antique coffee bowls about ten or twelve years ago from a dealer that regularly brought stuff back from France - Each one only ever cost me about £ times have changed...

At least the other red and white items are still easy to come by and they bring me a lot of pleasure on display and in everyday use...(Just I'm still not a coffee drinker!)

Today was a great day in the shop....One of those days when I felt I was doing things right...people through the doors 'got me' and my shop's style, and stock flew off the shelves....I had a few familiar faces in too, which always brightens my day.
Louise and Richie visited this afternoon - I have known them both for several years now and they have always been very supportive of my business and the things I make...
And look who they brought with them...This lovely old French boudoir doll, just in need of a few suitable clothes...Which is what I thought Louise was asking if I could do...but no, she wanted me to have the doll for myself! I couldn't quite believe it! I know I am a lucky bunny!
I'll show you how she looks when I've had the time to dress may have to wait for a few weeks, but it will be a project I shall look forward to...And did you spot the box of choccies?! Gasp!...they should last me at least a week...or maybe not! ;-))
Thank you both...and for your purchases too ;-))

Also today I met two wonderful ladies, who, after reading the witterings on my blog(!), came to visit. One from Germany and one from Belgium! They had left a son waiting in their car... Heehee...he had quite a wait!
Thank you for visiting ladies - It was such fun to meet you and I hope you'll enjoy your purchases.
OK, one final thank you for today - 'Thank you' for your kind comments and emails that I received in response to my angel post below...the fingers will be working as fast as they can to make some more...Does anyone know where Santa recruits his helpers from?! ;-))
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x
PS: A few have asked if I plan on making a Nostalgia calendar this year (for next year!) - My order is in at the printers at the moment, so as soon as I have them in stock, I shall give you a sneaky peek on my blog.


  1. The lacey 'bunting' is a delight! If you decide its not a keeper anytime, one of the panels would make a little apron for your new doll! Have a good weekend :)

  2. Hi Niki, if the calender is anything like your book it will be fabulous! Can't wait! Love the little bunting, Tamara x

  3. Hello Niki!
    I LOVE your red and white dishes and your crocheted ...banner(?) It looks wonderful on your dresser. I love that dresser by the way! What a wonderful surpise to see some of your fellow bloggers in your store and from so far away. I can see why they wanted to stop by though...your store is so charming and filled with nostalgic treasures. I hope you have a wonderful weekend...:)

  4. Hi Niki .... wonder!
    I am happy for you, your work is beautiful!
    I ask you if you do not prepare for another book, one I purchased is fantastic and always keeps me company in times of "Nostalgia"...
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)


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