Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Lease of Life for an Old Lady!

This fairly ordinary c1930's chair had been sitting in my project pile for a few months, waiting for some spare time and a little inspiration. Knowing what I now know from having my shop, I can guarantee that if I were to paint it, someone would prefer it in its original state. If I were to leave it as-is, then someone else would prefer it with a coat of paint(!)...but what colour?

So what I've decided to do with this old lady, is to just disguise her!
Firstly, I tacked on a white damask fabric to her seat! Then it was time to get the sewing machine out...

A vintage doily here...

A lacy embroidered tray cloth there...

Some sections of damaged, but still beautiful, hand crochet edged tablecloths all joined in a row to finish, petticoat style!...

Here she is revamped and dressed to impress!

I had to be a bit brave using so many of the vintage tablecloths that I had been saving (they make wonderful petticoats for my larger rag dolls), but I'm pleased with how the chair looks and it gives me the excuse to go out and find more lacy linens for my dolls. ;-))
Its easily removed for laundering, and should wash well, as all the items I have recycled were designed to be washed regularly.

I shall be taking her with me to the Vintage Bazaar, as she will be ideal to display the three rag dolls that I have made so far...
For now though, I am enjoying looking at her in our living room, in all her frou-frou glory!

Niki x


  1. What a great transformation of an old chair and clever use of damaged have such wonderful ideas...I love it!
    Julie x

  2. From ugly duckling to swan! Beautiful.
    Carol xx

  3. I must admit that I do, indeed, love the Old Lady in her original state. However, transformed and draped and dripping with lace, she really does have a new lease on life, doesn't she?
    Beautiful job, Niki!

  4. A clever twist on a chair cover, well done Niki.
    Thanks for your positive comment.

  5. Gorgeous Niki, absolutely beautiful!
    Jo xx

  6. What fun! I would like to have a tea party with that chair.
    I must admit that I really liked to first picture of the great brown fabric seat cushion. I'd like to redo my dining chairs to look like your original, if I could ever fin the fabric!

  7. I know that chair ;-)
    She looks so lovely in her makeover guise and really should be a special seat for a Bride at at Wedding Reception !
    Thank you for your email, I'll be getting back to you very soon,
    D x

  8. She's beautiful!! You are so clever to use those fabrics in such a pretty way.

  9. She's beautiful... a 'Miss Haversham' chair!

  10. This is so pretty Niki! I think it was an excellent idea too.
    (Phyllis here...wondering how I get so many readers sent by way of you? thankful for it !)

  11. Niki, you are so creative! What a lovely cover for the elegant/shabby chic/romantic all in one. Rachel Ashwell would love this!

  12. what a marvelous transformation! Wish I could sew. Bet you won't have the chair for long.
    hugs Karin

  13. What fun Niki!

    Almost began pricing the buttons today but DH was too hectic. Maybe tomorrow!!

    That email WILL arrive in your inbox soon ;o)

    Sue x

  14. What a wonderful way to use these table cloths, I own one or two myself, some belong to my Gran and Nana, and I am sure they are older than me, I use them on my coffee tables as I think they are wonderful to display. My Gran did crochet (which is who I learnt from) and I still have some of her work that wasn't finished. Sadly she has now passed away but I have the pattern so one day I will complete it. Sue x

  15. Anonymous1:06 pm

    That is the most beautiful slipcover I've ever seen!!

    Cheryl in California

  16. i must make one. what great inspiration.


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