Thursday, October 07, 2010

"Time brings Roses"

(Portuguese Proverb)
Roses have always played a key element in many of the items I create. I'm always greatly excited when I discover another pretty antique or vintage rose printed fabric to add to my supplies, as they are becoming harder and harder to find these days.
Even at this late stage in the season, I can't quite tear myself away from using some of these summery cottons.
I have used two of my favourite ones this week, which have been made into sweetly feminine handbags.

Both are French fabrics and feature the daintiest of prints. They are completed using other coordinating fabrics and have vintage trims and buttons.

I also treated the shop to a potted patio rose from Shepton's florist shop today...
To display amongst my handmade bags.
Otherwise, every spare moment I have had recently, has been spent making lots of new items, many with a touch of the rose influence! Not only am I keen to keep the shop well stocked during the run up to Christmas, not to mention having enough for the Vintage Bazaar, Frome, at the end of the month, but I have another two day event to aim for shortly after that, as well.
I shall be at the Fifth Compton House Shopping Event on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November. Every room in this historic Georgian house will be packed to the rafters with unique and affordable gifts and crafts. More details will follow once I know where in the hotel I shall be exhibiting.

Back to today...I received two magazines in the post from MC publishing - I hadn't realised that the article I mentioned below, is also featured in The Bristol Magazine too. This would explain why I have had several new customers to my shop, who have travelled from in or around Bristol this week!
I changed one of my side window displays to reflect the magazine article, using French storage tins and lots of red roses.

Back home, and to complete a rather rose themed day, I thought I'd pick some of the last pink blooms flowering in our garden.
Thanks for stopping by, I know there are a great many blogs out there these days for you to visit...
I do appreciate your company,
Niki x
Image taken from the Bath College brochure.


  1. Oooh, those are SO pretty !! The pink one is my favorite. I love the porcelain floral pins too, yummy !

  2. I love the preety rose patterns!
    How gorgeous!
    Your shop looks beautiful! I wish I lived closer so I could come visit!

  3. The power of advertising! More lovely bags again, I am sure that I can hear one calling to me.....
    T x

  4. Hi Niki!
    I'm happy for you!
    I would like very much to come in November ... a dream!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (With translator)

  5. Hello Niki
    The two new bags are beautiful, such gorgeous fabric and wonderful soft colours - I love them :-)
    Roses - well, it's impossible to walk past a fabric with a blown roses design on it, isn't it? Well, not just fabric, but china, pictures, cards, etc etc - you get my drift!
    It's nearly flea market day - are you going, or is that a silly question? Maybe see you there (I'm hoping for a quick spin around the Car Boot sale first...).
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  6. Love the rose material and the bags you have created - so beautiful.
    The real rose is exquisite.
    I love seeing your shop displays on your blog, they must be truly amazing in real life.
    Carol xx

  7. Wonderful purses! And I love that quote you posted from my President. Have a great weekend! Kit

  8. Everything looks so heavenly Niki I do so wish I could visit your shop! Do you sell the patterns for making your sweet bags for those of us over on this side of the pond? They are just so precious and I also am a huge fan of rose patterns!
    Congratulations on the articles and continued success of your shop!
    Tina xo

  9. What pretty fabrics, and made into such dainty items. Swoon!
    That bush rose is such a gorgeous shade. I keep my roses in pots too, then I can move them around the garden.
    Can you get to Shepton Mallet by train? I must check!!
    Z xx

  10. Roses, get my vote every time!
    Lovely makes Nikki!
    Beatiful roses from your garden and the patio rose in the pot is a lovely colour and shape too.

    Sandie xx


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