Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fallen Angels

I've wanted to have a go at making these for such a long time...
On my travels, I often come across antique lace fragments that haven't stood the test of time very well.

They've become discoloured, damaged and riddled with iron mould and rust spots. Looking beyond these faults often reveals fine examples of beautiful silks and lace edgings, many from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The age stains are notoriously difficult to remove, so I thought why not work with them, using them as a feature to give my items an instant antique look, rather than them no longer being of any real value or use.

Hope you're with me on this, as I've started making some of my tiny angel dolls again in time for Christmas...

Using the damaged antique pieces of lace to dress them, I'll call them fallen angels!

This is my first attempt...I shall be keeping her for the Vintage Bazaar at the end of the month to gauge reaction...I'm working on a way to display several of them all together, to create a flight of angels!
She has a very full skirt made from the wonderful embroidered voile edging which can be seen in the top two photos.

Her wings are made from tattered and torn muslin, embroidered with stars. A brassy crown, worn at a jaunty angle, finishes off this lady who's fallen from grace!

I do intend to make some other angels too, of the prim and proper variety - Ones which won't get up to mischief on top of the Christmas tree! (I'll try to have some at the fairs I shall be attending, at my shop, and the on-line shop catalogue if I can...)
I'd also just like to mention the new 5th edition of Country Living Magazine's Guide to Rural England - The West Country, which has just been released this month.
My shop can be found within the Somerset section, under Shepton Mallet.
Its a great guide for those living in the region, or who intend to visit, as it covers several topics including: places to go, what to see, what to do, where to eat and buy, and where to stay.
There is also a huge amount of information stored on their associated website too.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Fallen or not, they are very gorgeous! What a lovely idea to use the bits of history that would otherwise be discarded.
    Jille x

  2. Recycling at its very best!I love them.

  3. They are quite divine angels! xx

  4. naughty but nice. I love them. When are they likely to be on your on line shop?

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  6. Hi Cherisong - thank you for your interest...I'm yet to make the dolls, but hope to have them in my shop in plenty of time for Christmas...

  7. I think your 'fallen angel' is super - even her label looks great! She looks likes she has a story or two to tell - she's been through a bit in life!

  8. Your angel is beautiful! What a lovely way to preserve the lace - far too lovely to throw away, stains and all!

  9. They're darling! I want some!

  10. Beautiful, Angels of Art!

  11. You have inspired me completely - I needed to think of something to create with my 'fallen" lace for my girls for xmas. I will give it a go if you don't mind, it will make my 3 very happy, even if they don't turn out 'quite' as wonderful as yours.


  12. Oh I want one of those they are lovely.

  13. I wonder how many of us can identify with your lovely girls???
    T X

  14. Awh, simply stunning and so inspiring :) A good way of creating a flock of your beautiful angels might be to use fishing line, I use that when I need things to appear 'floating' in my photoshoots :)
    I love the west country so next time I'm heading that way I'll be sure to pop in!
    Dearest Jackdaw's first EVER giveaway!

  15. Love the angel! Will be looking for her in your shop.

  16. Niki, thank you for recognizing the beauty of a piece even though it bears the marks of time! Beautiful!

  17. I've just looked at the marks (yes, HOPELESS to try and remove) on the Utility crepe dress I'm wearing, and instead of feeling a bit like a bag lady, now I feel like one of your Fallen Angels- except I think my crown toppled a long LONG time ago!

  18. They're beautiful, I have mine up all year I'm afraid, I couldn't bear to put her away!

  19. Hi Niki,
    Lovely, just lovely! (You know here in the States we use rusty metal to make rusty papers and fabrics for our artistic endeavors, you are using honest to goodness aged lace!) Terri

  20. Hi Niki ...
    Your precious angel is wonderful!
    I'll truly compliments your imagination. ;o))
    A dear greeting Maria.
    (With translator)

  21. I am so lucky, I have one of your angels and she is at the top of our tree every year. I love getting her out of her annual sleeping place, dusting her down and placing her in prime position.

  22. LOVE your 'fallen angel' you have a hard time keeping them in stock! :)


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