Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Sorting Spree...

Hope you've had a lovely Saturday...
In between talking to visitors to my shop, and a little bit of sewing, I thought I ought to give the shelves a good sort out...If I can surface early enough in the morning (I am feeling very tired this evening), I may go off on another buying trip, so I wanted to be sure how much space I had available...
Not much space here; I re-filled the antique bottle area this week after buying some more vintage bottles and brooches last weekend...

The dresser is crammed, but could do with a little more colour perhaps?

The bathroom section is quite well-off for stock...
The central island in the shop will become my Christmassy area, with gift ideas and cards - When I'm no longer in denial that its on its way, that is!

Here's some close-ups of some of the items on the shelves at the moment...



Moving round, there is a feminine display of lace and postcards.

A lovely c1930's clock (in very good working order, that I bought from a local man.)
And the main shelved area in the corner has a varied collection of pretties...(and not many spaces!)
Maybe I could get away with a lie-in in the morning instead, don't you think?

Finally, just to show you the window areas: One has a 'Wear Vintage' theme, with a selection of Scottish mohair scarves and shawls to beat the autumn chill.
And at the front I've gone for a very pink display...
Which includes a French vitrine, chamber pot, some pretty china and handmade lavender sachets.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever you have planned,
Niki x


  1. Love your "wear vintage" window. Enjoy your Sunday.. what ever you decide to do! xx

  2. I loved that little look around your shop. I wondered if I could have a little advice. ~I bougtht some stuff at auction on Friday and I got several thousand buttons in boxes, they have obviously come from a business and I dont think it was a shop. There are so amny different ones I was thinking of putting them on ebay in packs of assorted types or say 10 all the same of each button. Have you nay ideas of how I should proceed, they should last me years. I have a very talented daughter in law, she is a free lance designer and I will send her a selection, there are probably about 30 boxes of different ones ans some have mixed buttons in each box. There were two lots and I should have bought them both cos the other lot had the same about on boxes but with lots of buckles. Never mind.I also bought some linens in a box and inside were the most beautiful ladies evening gloves, I am having a stand at a local vintage Fair in Hexham and wondered what I should charge for them, there are also a pair of divine kid leather gloves.

    I truly do not know how on earth you manage to fit your blogging in, you are such a busy lady, it must be a wonderful feeling when someone truns up from another country having looked you up especially, it must make it all worth it.

  3. I think I could stand in your Wear Vintage window, as I'm sitting here muffled up in my mohair wrap, complete with girly brooch to hold it together!
    Perhaps central heating has something to be said for it after all...brrr!
    Have a lovely week- hope you enjoyed your lie-in :)

  4. To Alchmillamolly,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Without seeing your buttons, it is difficult for me to know of their value. If you think they do have a value, I would recommend that you get in touch with the British Button Society (easy to find via Google) and ask their clever members.
    If you don't feel that they are of much value, then you know what you paid for them and what profit margin you would be happy with, so I would say go with your instincts. If you make more than you paid for them, then its all good!

    Good luck at the fair,


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