Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful

I've noticed there are a few blogging ladies who are a little out of sorts at the moment, with some deciding to take a blogging break. It can be hard keeping a positive blog going, when life becomes a trial.

I read Jane's post this morning where she was listing all her current reasons to be cheerful. Sometimes focusing on the little things, can help put the bigger picture in to perspective. Jane was also asking other bloggers for their reasons to be cheerful, so I thought I would list what's currently making me happy...
1: Enjoying those simple, quiet moments of just being at home.

Giving myself five minutes during each day to think about nothing and 'just be'.
2: Blue skies.

Need I say more?
3: My spring garden.
Particularly these glorious lilac blooms...

And the promise of so much more to come...

4: Relishing the details.

I love to study the work of past handicraft workers. This embroidery has been carefully hand stitched to create a beautiful garden scene on a black satin covered tin lid.

And antique lace fascinates me for the painstaking work that was poured into it.
5: My freshly painted glossy red chairs.

6: An evening spent chatting with hubby by candlelight.

7: A fun floral pair of cotton sheets and pillowcases bought for £3 at a charity shop - Freshly laundered and ready for dressing the spare bed for my in-laws who arrive tomorrow. (So please excuse while I take a short break.)

Stay cheerful!
Niki x


  1. Those are great reasons to be cheerful Niki. Isn't that bedding gorgeous? I love lilacs, we had a lovely tree in the garden where I lived when I was little, it smells so lovely. Of course living round here I do pronounce it lie-laaack rather than the way everyone else does!


  2. Anonymous9:21 am

    Good Morning Niki
    Let me just say I also started a list of things that make me happy, feel deeply grateful about or just put an everlasting smile on my face. I found the idea with Tracy from Seasidenchantment, I have givien my list a name, no surprise: my secret garden and I let it grow longer just when I realize something more that makes me glow. On A little loveliness Melissa just put a wonderful quote today that perfectly suits my secret garden. Please visit my blog and leave a comment if you like
    Have a wonderful day

  3. You are exactly right Niki, there is lots to be cheerful about! Never mind all the other stuff, just look around and I'm sure everyone can find something to smile about. xo, suzy

  4. Anonymous10:49 am

    Well, I have to agree, those are reasons to be cheerful.
    I am hosting a swap over on my site if you would like to join, please feel free to pop over and take a look, this is something I am feeling cheerful about.
    Take Care
    Love Melanie xxx

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  6. Oops - the deleted comment was me, because my typing was up the creek. I'll try again! So, thanks for your cheerful encouragement, Niki. And, to add to Mel's pronunciation comment, over here the flower is pronounced 'lee-la'.

  7. Oh boy, I am so jealous. My flowers here in my neck-of-the-woods are still trying to peep through the soil. But, I am patient (kind of) and I am excited to see what the garden will look like when all my little friends grow up and are big and strong and beautiful. That is what makes me cheerful. Watching my gardens grow. Placing all my antique decorations in here and there. Oh, I am so impatient. Come on, grow already! Thank you for sharing all your pictures. They, at least, keep me going until my garden grows!

  8. Niki, I've noticed too, the need for us to be grateful, and to keep some special blogging friends in our thoughts and prayers. You're so right, we should be grateful for the little things that bring smiles to our faces each day. Your garden is beautiful, and I can certainly see how that would make you happy! =) Oh, that reminds me! Andromeda does thrive in Europe, and it is VERY low maintenance (I only need to fertilize mine once each year). I think you should give it a try - the blooms are so romantic!

  9. Hello, very nice page. Good 1 May. I salute you, Michael

  10. I so agree, and I totally see the 'flux' as well with others -
    great picts!

  11. I've been there and I understand how life could get overwhelming sometimes. I've come around though. I will keep the fellow bloggers in my thoughts and wait for them to come around too and welcome them back with open arms. There are many things to be cheerful for yes. We just need to focus on them more...


  12. I am so thankful today for my family and my good health. All the wonderful beauty around that puts a smile on my face!
    Hugs, Diane

  13. Good for you Niki..I try and count my blessings at bed time as I am drifting off to sleep, we are so lucky...we have a roof over our heads and food on the table...some people dont even have a place to lay their heads....

  14. I love the cheerful posts today! The linens you found are wonderful! I wish they made more designs now instead of all solid colors! These pink sheets make me cheerful!

  15. This post and your blog made me cheerful! Thank you!

    We are new to blogging, so very nice to "meet you".

  16. Your spring garden is a reason to be cheerful, it is lovely, and the Lilac, one of my favorite flowers.

  17. Lovely cheery post!

    Sam xx

  18. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Your pictures were very cheerful. I follow many many blogs, I actually lost count but it's reading blogs like yours that is cheerful to ME.


  19. What a great list..its so important to see the positive things (however small)around us every day. Beautiful lilac...I love it!

  20. Niki, reading your grateful blog was just the right timing! Thanks, I needed that. (:

  21. What a beautiful post Niki, full of your lovely finds, and beautiful garden. I truly beleive it is through thoughtful people like yourself,lifting us up and giving us all some beauty and kindness in the day, that the bad stuff fades away....
    Lots of cheerful hugs
    Lynn xx

  22. Small things that make us happy are blessings indeed. lovely post.
    Twiggy x

  23. Hi Niki, as you have so beautifully said and shown us there are so many things to be cheerful about, including waiting the arrival of a summerhouse...I hope you have as many cheerful cuppa's in your as we have in our little 'Wendy House'. My Mr. decided he would like to clad it because when we were looking for a little Wendy the one we really would have liked was very expensive and beautifully clad in wood and painted pale cream inside, so we decided to go for the cheaper option and Mr could clad it out himself. We did go and have another look at the expensive one last week to make sure it was worth the effort and we both agreed it was, so it is being done as I type, between cups of tea that is. I'll take a couple of pictures and post them so you can see the difference when it is finished.
    Hope yours arrives soon...

  24. I couldn't imagine you being anything other than cheerful Niki. I have had your book on my kitchen table for the past few days so that my customers can see it. It has been much admired and every page is a reason to be cheerful x

  25. You're right..There really is so much to be cheerful about..Your post is so pretty...Love the pictures of the sky...I was just admiring the blue sky just the other day...Love all your flowers to..Hope all is well..

  26. Thank you for this timely post.


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Niki xx