Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Relaxed Saturday

Lunch time today, hubby, our youngest daughter and I where to be found in Wells again. We sat beneath the parasols in the market square with our cups of tea; the warm spring sunshine beating down, and we quietly watched the world go by...

A relaxing half an hour taking in the beautiful surroundings and watching people choose plants for their spring borders from the market stalls.
The colourful pansies were very popular...

but I'm not sure anyone could make as good a job as the containers outside The National Trust Shop. They always go to town with their displays and the blooms add a fabulous shot of colour to the top of the high street.

We had a little wander around the cathedral grounds and the Bishops Palace and then it was time to buy a bribe for my daughter! ;-))

A quarter bag (although you now have to buy 100grams!) of chocolate fudge from the lovely old fashioned sweet shop...just to keep her sweet...

because I wanted to go here again...which is VERY boring for a 15 year old! ;-))

Fudge was consumed, whilst I perused the three floors...This decorated basket from the US was fun, but the price tag was a little beyond my budget....
I did buy this Victorian china wash bowl though

with beautiful transfer printed roses. I'm going to use it for display, piling it high with pincushions that I have made for the V&H fair.

A few other finds were some pretty postcards, lace, buttons and a glass paperweight. I also picked up a free copy of the 'antiquexplorer'.
I'm so glad that I did, because the April edition has a large section all about vintage textiles and fashion.
Many of our blogging friends have advertisements included, with lovely photographs. Lots of useful information!

I also bought this book from the Oxfam charity shop. I thought it would be useful as reference...sometimes I am torn between keeping a new (old!) find, or adding it for sale on my websites on-line catalogue....

What I like about this book is the items featured aren't 'high-end' antiques, but everyday collectables. Some of the valuations are surprisingly high though...

I'm hoping it will be helpful if I find a piece that I know very little about, particularly when it comes to its value.

I bought this small pair of pink leather girl's shoes recently, which date from the 1930's. I paid very little, but imagine they are quite collectable and rare.

I also bought these teal coloured velvet shoes from the same era this week.

I have no idea how I shall fit them in amongst my collection though!

So that was our day - we drove home over the Mendip hills until we reached the highest point and I had to quickly take this snap. If you can enlarge it, you may be able to make out Glastonbury Tor in the background - it is one of my favourite views in Somerset.
And just as we pulled in at home, a hot air balloon drifted past. We see a lot of these during the warmer months, as balloons are made in Bristol a few miles away, by Cameron Balloons. There is also a huge balloon fiesta held every year in August, with balloonists from all over the world coming together to make a mass assent. If we're on the flight path, a huge array of novelty shapes and regular balloons pass over our house.
Hope you've had a lovely day too.
Niki x
My very grateful thanks to all who visited my website and made a purchase from the latest update - I always appreciate your custom. x


  1. What lovely photos. We always love the Bristol balloons - my parents in law live near enough to see them, too! Those little shoes are fantastic.

  2. Kate Craig9:46 pm

    You live in a fairyland I truly believe. Everything so beautiful and even hot air balloons cruising over your house. I hope you know how fortunate you are to live in such a beautiful place.

  3. Okay- I absolutely LOVE the shoes...they wouldnt do well on the farm, but c'mon!! too cute!

  4. The teal velvet shoes are gorgeous Niki! What a find.

  5. I have just been extremely interested in your blog! I have a small collection of the "half dolls" And have most of what is on that page - the collection was started by my grandmother. She said when they went from one shilling (5 new pence) to one shilling and sixpence (8 new pence) she stopped buying them! I now have a collection of 41 and two pairs of legs! When the prices started going ove £10 I stopped buying!

  6. Wells seems to provide you with lovely goodies! The shoes are gorgeous! ;-)

  7. Hi Niki

    Another lovely day in Wells? You lucky girl!! I popped in to Glastonbury on the way home (ish) from the Thornbury Fair yesterday. I had a stolen hour as it was an early finish. It was such a treat to give myself a little personal retail therapy!


  8. I love your blog : Beautiful pictures an interesting stories !

    Happy Easter :-)

    from Nostalgia from Norway :-)

  9. What beautiful and relaxing w.e you have, Niki!
    I have very warm memories of mine too when I was in England;) Love your finds, especially the china bowl. Fabulous!

  10. Greaat finds. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Beautiful photos.

  11. Gorgeous finds! Your shoe collection is beautiful ~ I have a thing about old shoes too, although my collection at the moment is very much smaller than yours! I've never been to Wells, but perhaps I should make a trip...

  12. That sounds like a wonderful day, and I spy a gorgeous lily of the valley card. The bowl is a great idea for display.

    Mel xxx

  13. I'm glad you and family got to spend time together...You found so many beautiful things..I just love your shoe collection..They are all so beautiful...

  14. these shoes are so adorable....I wish I could find them here....

  15. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day....and nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to new additions to the shop.

  16. Hi Niki
    My kind of day out too. Wells is a good place to relax and find vintage goodies. That book on keep or sell is very good. Such a beautiful display of shoes. I like the fan with the cherubs on. My favourite shoes.. the ones with the red roses. What I like about your displays is that every time you look at the picture you discover something new that you hadn't spotted before. Isabelle x

  17. Anonymous9:26 pm

    oooh, those blue shoes. Yummy! Love your new bowl too, gorgeous roses.

  18. Oh my that looks like a lovely day out! Well done on the chocolate fudge - for me it's usually a Hot Wheel's car and never the little 99p ones!!


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