Thursday, June 29, 2006

Vintage Girl!

After having fun reading many of your blogs, I have decided to add my name and business to the blog community!! My name is Niki and I live in Somerset in the UK, with my lovely husband Dave and our three gorgeous daughters -and our six hens! I have run my small business for several years, selling items I have made myself from vintage fabrics and also other items with a nostalgic feel, at local Antique Fairs and on my website: Hope you can find the time to take a look!
My loves include; (after my family!) -French vintage items- (think I was French in a past life!)- such as the fabrics, (Old toiles, checks and florals...), enamelware, mirrors, painted country furniture and those quirkly items that could only be French! I collect the old fabric covered glove boxes too and store all my buttons, lace etc. in them. They display well, all stacked-up on my painted cupboard in my workroom.
I love spending any spare moment sewing or being creative in other ways. Making my rag dolls and bags is great fun- each time they are a one-off, so I never get bored.
Decorating or adding to my home is also something that I enjoy- will it ever be finished?!! We have done a tremendous amount to our 1930's house,(It's not Deco, though), making it a joy to live in. It is practical, but pretty, too!
Visting flea markets, antique and vintage fairs, salvage yards, junk shops and jumble sales is my idea of a good time! You never know what you may find- it is usually a unique treasure though!
I collect hats from the 1940's and 50's. They are often mad floral numbers, in bright colours and crazy styling, but displayed around my home, they make me smile. I have a large glass fronted cupboard on my landing, full of hats and accessories- I can change it around at will- far more fun than a painting that I could tire of. (I shall post some photos sometime soon!)
My garden gives me great pleasure. My chickens have the run of it, so it doesn't always look it's best, as they love to scratch for worms, but I wouldn't be without them and they reward us with golden yolked eggs every day. My favourites flowers are my roses and the big lilac tree that scents the air in May. Guess you could say I am a country girl at heart.
Finally, to end the day, what better than a hot bubble bath and a copy of 'Country Living' magazine or Rachel Ashwells 'Shabby Chic' book to relax and dream with??!!

It's great to know that I am not the only vintage girl out there- I know some of you are completely on my wave length and are enjoying the simple pleasures that I do, too. //(*_*)\\