Sunday, May 31, 2015

For Sale!

OK, so this is a bit of a long shot, and I wouldn't normally use my blog in this way, but I thought it might be worth a try before I list on Gumtree...
To anyone living nearby, or who is willing to travel, I am looking to sell my beloved handmade bauble wreath.
Update: Thank you I am sold! 
It took a long time to make and has been a part of our family Christmases for several years now - You may have seen it featured repeatedly on my blog around the festive season each year! 
It would be impossible to post it safely, so I'm looking for someone to come and collect it. Every year it comes out of our attic for Christmas - it's been added to and repaired a few times over the years - I used mostly original vintage glass baubles to make it and occasionally one or two have smashed - I just replace them with more from my collection of old baubles and it looks as good as new again. It's a whopping 60cm (24" approx) in diameter.
I'd happily accept £30.00 for it (a bargain compared to many I've seen for sale in the US at around the $300 mark)...
And as a bonus, I would include my smaller Jack Frost wreath that I made around the same time, as a freebie. 
This is also decorated in vintage baubles, which have softly faded over the years.

They've always hung opposite one another, from the two mirrors in our living room. 
I know its a funny time of year to ask you to think about the festive season, but if anyone is interested, or if you'd like any more information, then please leave a comment here, or email me privately via my blog's profile. As I mentioned before, we are having to edit our belongings, so this is a reluctant sale.
Thank you very much,
PS: Don't forget my Giveaway - It's open until Friday June 5th, so if you'd like to enter, please visit the post below and add your name to the list - Thank you to all who have entered so far. 
Niki x

Friday, May 29, 2015


Next month my blog will be 9 years old...I never would have guessed when I started it back in 2006, that in 2015 I'd still be here typing posts...
In that time I have met some wonderful people, some are bloggers themselves, some are not, some leave comments, some do not...But I am grateful to all who I have met personally or interacted with on-line. 
Thank you to everyone who visits here...
At home we're having to edit a lot of our stuff (more on that another time), so I'm thinking I'd like to offer one of my fairy dolls as a Giveaway prize. I shall probably find a few other trinkets and treasures to accompany her too...It's my way of thanking you for taking the time to visit my blog. She's called Astra and is dressed in scarlet vintage satin fabric woven with stars and she has lots of special little trims and accessories. 
I'd love it if someone would like to give her a home - To enter, just leave a quick 'hello' in the comments box to this post. (It will be open until Friday 5th June 2015). I'm happy to send to anywhere in the world and it's open to bloggers and non-bloggers; if you've visited here before, or not, everyone is welcome - one entry per person only. (I've adjusted my settings so hopefully anyone who wants to leave an entry will be able to - Spam will be deleted though!) Email me via the link on my blog profile if you have any problems :) x
I shall use a random number generator to pick a winner (if there is more than one entry! lol!) - Please check back next Friday to find out who has won - And remember I shall need to contact you and ask for a postal address.
Good Luck!
Have a perfect weekend,
Niki x

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I'm having a sale in my on-line shop for a few days...
My handmade dolls are all reduced in price (not something I normally do, due to the high cost of the vintage/antique materials and the time involved in making them, but needs must...)
I hope you will enjoy taking a look if you have a moment.
Have a great day,
Niki x

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gardening is Cheaper Than Therapy

Last week, I tuned-in to as much TV coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show that I could. I caught most of an interview between the presenter and a GP about the possible benefits of gardening to patients, particularly those suffering with depression, stress disorders and those requiring cancer rehabilitation. 
I feel very lucky to have a garden myself and have found in the past, when I've been feeling out of sorts, that it has provided me with the escape I've needed from stress or worries. 
Quite apart from the physical work and the benefits of exercise that gardening provides, who wouldn't feel cheered by the rewards of growing beautiful plants and flowers? (or fruit and veggies?)
The abundance of dainty aquilegia/columbines in my garden just now, make my heart happy. I know some people consider these to be weeds, but to me they are a pretty cottage garden plant that I wouldn't be without...
With so much effort required elsewhere in a garden, where's the harm in encouraging plants that are very easy to grow and giving them the space to flourish and multiply?
(Besides, if dandelions are good enough for Chelsea!...)
I love that they self-seed and so surplus plants and the collected seeds can be swapped with friends...
It means that over the years my collection has multiplied, with an assortment of different shaped blooms from the 'granny bonnets' and pompoms, to spurred star shaped examples, in a variety of colours, from deep mauves...
To pretty pinks...

And ruby reds. 

I have them in every area of my garden, from front to back, and they seem happy wherever they are sown. 

Other easy-to-grow lovelies that are living up to that promise, are the nasturtium, marigold and poppy seeds that I sprinkled over a bare patch of ground just a couple of months ago...
Already up and filling out - It won't be long before they are flowering too.

And as the wisteria starts to fade and drop most of it's confetti-like petals to the floor...
I'm enjoying the slightly later clusters of blooms tucked in the shade under the decking...

And on a much smaller scale...
The tiny lily-of-the-valley flowers are making an appearance under the apple trees...
Like fairy lanterns to light the way.

Lots of other more flamboyant stars are bursting forth...

The roses are on their way too :)

Look after yourself,
Niki x
When flowers bloom - So does hope. 
Lady Bird Johnson.