Thursday, February 25, 2010

Difficulty in Finding the Right Words...

I generally try to keep my blog upbeat, and in the past I've tried not to dwell on those testing, personal, or difficult times in life for too long; but very sadly this month I have heard of the loss of two young sons, in two separate incidents, to two grieving families, and my heart has ached for them. Both boys were just the same age as one of my own daughters, which brought it home all the more - I count my blessings and am thankful for the time I have with my own family.
Look after yourselves,
Niki x

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flora and Fauna

I picked a few branches from the hazel tree in our garden yesterday - They were smothered in fluffy catkins and I had the idea that I would take them into the shop the next day to create a display with them and some of the c1940's school posters that I have in stock at the moment...

I left them in water overnight on top of our kitchen counter...

When I came down to the kitchen this morning the catkins had grown even longer and the counter top was dusted in a layer of golden nudge of the twigs and great clouds of the stuff went wafting through the air...

Knowing how some people can be allergic to pollen grains, I decided not to risk taking my prunings to the shop this morning - atishoo!! on to Plan B...

Friday is market day (lucky for me) and so the 'flower man' was there...

offering me the ideal opportunity to buy some fleurs!
But what to choose?...

The vivid blue of these glorious delphiniums won the day...
They echo the blue in the c1930's jug and bowl that I have, so I was very pleased with the purchase.
Placed inside a Victorian jug they look right at home amongst the other floral treasures.
Also this week I found a stunning vintage floral rug for my fitting room, to replace the rather modern looking one that I had been using up to now.
Yes, much better...

And the 'fauna' that I mentioned in my post's title? Well, this week has been a doggie week again! Lots of lovely c1930's Scottie dogs to add an awww to my side window display.

Have a lovely weekend!
Niki x
PS: Mum was touched by all of the Happy Birthday wishes that you sent to her yesterday - Thank You!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

'Happy Birthday Mummy!'

I just wanted to use my blog this morning to wish my Mum a very Happy Birthday, as it is rather a special one - there's a nought and a seven, not necessarily in that order, making up her age today...I'm sure she won't mind me telling you that...but between you and me, right?!
I've gone for some keepsake gifts for her, which include a lovely Victorian love token brooch and a rose topped hat pin.

Mum collects antique hat pins and stands, so I've found some to add to her collection. The silver one below is a special one complete with a velvet pad at the base. The other three are china examples...

although I think the one below right is actually a sugar shaker, but I thought it was pretty.
We don't have many opportunities to visit my parents, as we live so far apart from each other, but when I do next time, I shall photograph her collection in its entirety to share with you, as it has swelled in numbers over the years.
Mum also expressed a love of my recently designed vintage fabric handbags, so one of those also found its way into her parcel.
Have a lovely day Mum!
I've been buying for the shop too and have found some more vintage goodies to add to the shelves...

A hand hooked floral rug...
And a large hand embroidered cottage garden picture.

A delightful original watercolour...

as well as some teeny treasures.

I've also been busy sewing over the last week and have added Rosie to the dolly shelf on Tuesday.
And with the half term hols in mind, I thought I'd create some special cushions for're never too young to appreciate vintage you know! In actual fact, I have had several little girls inside my shop over the last few weeks, some buying little gifts for their Mum for Valentines Day, and some spending their pocket money on a treat for themselves...So sweet and truly heartwarming to see the younger generation enjoying 'old'.

I needed to take down the recent Valentine promotion in the window, so I swapped the few hearts that I had left for the new cushions and included some other children's collectables with the display.
The other two cushions can be found on the iron bed inside the shop.
I've also sewn some more 'rounded bottom' linen bags using vintage hand embroidery as the main feature!
These are dotted around the shop amongst the ever changing arrangements.

OK, have a great day...I'm off to open up now!
Niki x