Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Down to Dorset...

As I mentioned in my previous post, hubby and I took ourselves away for an overnight stay in Dorset, to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary (which is actually today). With a glorious morning dawning on Sunday, we drove the reasonably short distance down to Bridport. I had been told about a Vintage Market that was to be held in the Albion area of the town, so that is where we started our day.
It was a great little market, made even more enjoyable by the fabulous spring weather. It had a real bohemian feel, with vintage stalls and the antique shops open for business, and freshly prepared food and musicians adding to relaxed relaxed in fact, that I couldn't get myself into a 'buying' frame of mind! Far better to sit and drink tea in the sunshine and watch everyone enjoying a family day out.
I did actually come away with a few treasures, which I shall show at the end of the post. After lunch we headed down to the coast and sat (drinking more tea! ;-)) on the sea front at Lyme Regis.
Time for a wander...this narrow little street looked very inviting...
I loved the colour scheme used for this cottage, with its little window overhanging the road beneath.
Each cottage was different with its own special character.
Later it was time to head to our hotel, which was in Dorchester.
On Monday, after a wander around Dorchester town centre, we wanted to escape the crowds again...So we drove to Milton Abbas.
We enjoyed lunch outside the village pub and once again were treated to a few rays of sunshine.
Milton Abbas is such a pretty village, full of thatched cottages lining a wide road through the centre.
As you may be able to see by the boards, several of the cottages were for sale. I imagine that perhaps this isn't the most idyllic of places to live during high summer, when tourists flood to the area?
So, respecting the residents privacy, I just took a few photos as we walked along the road down to the lower end of the village.
At the end of the road, the sign post showed the way to the Abbey, so we carried on going...
The Abbey is within the grounds of Milton Abbey School.
Finally, before leaving Dorset, we wanted to say goodbye to the headed down to Osmington Mills (I imagine another honeypot for tourists in high season!)
The beach, during a particularly warm March day, was deserted though :)
The Jurassic coastline is fantastic.
So, back home and a quick unpack of the treasures, which will come with me to the fairs I shall be attending. I loved this Frank Usher dress...and the fabric pieces have already inspired me...I sat using some of the sculptured velvet last night, and I will show what I created later this week.
The gorgeous mirrored shelf was a 'must buy' which I shall use for display. It came from Susie Cole in Lyme Regis, which I have mentioned in a previous post here.
Yesterday I took the day off from my shop...My daughter has been moving into a flat this week and needed some help. Luckily she hasn't moved too far away, so we'll still be able to see each other lots, but it takes a bit of getting used to... Her bedroom here will need redecorating now that she's gone. It will become our spare bedroom, as its just about large enough to take a double bed. Something else for the 'ever-lengthening-to-do' list then! I'm not sure I shall ever get straight, but will have fun trying...
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Grandfather.

Hubby and I are just back from an overnight stay in Dorset, which was our wedding anniversary treat. I shall add a few photos to my blog when I have time, but having just got back, there is lots to do at home...
Just to follow on from my previous post though, about the old sewing machines - I'd like to quickly share with you this lovely photograph and an email that came with it from my Mum...
"Reading your blog today reminded me that my grandfather used to be a machine mechanic for all the sewing machines at the 'Polyflinders' factory where they made aprons. The picture shows him outside the factory in old Hemel Hempstead, with the entrance to Gadebridge park behind him."
Isn't it a fab photo? - Thanks Mum!
Niki x

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Stitch in Time...

I am quite often brought in items to the shop by the public who wish to sell pieces to me. Sometimes it can be difficult when put on the spot, to say 'no' where necessary...Buying too much can impinge on cash-flow and if its not quite the right item for me, saying 'no' without offending can be tricky.

But I am learning to be stronger and now I know my market a lot more, I hopefully know what are the right and wrong things to invest in. When this 50's lemonade set was offered to me, I must admit that it was border-line. The colour is cheerful, and the set is in very good condition, so hopefully it will turn out to be a wise-buy.

Something that I was very pleased to buy though, was a box of mixed vintage sewing items. Included in the mixture was this little booklet, probably dating from around the 30's.

Every woman that could afford to have a one, would have wanted to invest in a sewing machine of their own. Making clothes and items for the home was vital, as far less was available to buy in the shops, compared to today.

I love this image at the back of the book showing the factory and all its workers leaving after a days work - Just goes to show how many people 'Singer' used to employ! WOW! There can't be any companies that have staff numbers at this level these days.

The other illustrations are just as interesting and show the various models available in the range.



I love how the more industrial models are shown being operated by men! ;-))

I've been busy with my sewing machine this week. Yesterday I made a collection of four brooch pillows with Mothering Sunday in mind.

Two of them have 'mother' costume brooches attached. (I love it when I find these, as they add just the right note to some of my pieces.)

I made another two pillows with gentle old fashioned charm...

I used some lovely old fabrics and antique lace.
I also made some more greetings cards. The other items that I made this week will be put aside for the Dairy House Fair, which is coming up next month - Dolls, bags and lavender sachets so far...with more items in the pipeline...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x
PS: Just to say that the shop will be closed on Tuesday 29th March - Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause (Open as usual after that date - Thursday onwards.)