Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Faces

A faded beauty lay amongst the tantalising treasures displayed on Lizzie and Jack's stall at the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair a few weeks ago...
She would have experienced better days in her past, without doubt, but now lay a little forlornly on the table, with her sawdust filling falling from the torn muslin which partially covered the back of her head...
Her wig was gone...(not to mention her body!)
But her pretty blue eyes still shone bright...
So with this glimmer of hope, I purchased her from Lizzie and took up her challenge 'to do something with her'. (In case it isn't clear from my photos, she is almost life-size.)
I made her a royal blue velvet cloche hat to match her eyes, trimming it with an antique metal-thread braid, authentic beaded motif from the flapper era, and some antique dyed feathers salvaged from an old hat.
I gave her blue silk thread curls and finished her with a collar made from c1920's wired ostrich feathers and a diamante rose clip.

I then attached her to a wooden Deco ashtray stand, which I had bought on our last visit to Exeter from Otto's.
She makes a true statement piece hatstand, standing at approx 85cm tall and would look fabulous on a dressing table or as a decorative feature in a millinery shop. 

Greta Nissen - Source
More faces now...
I've been making some new 30's style powder puffs using vintage velvets and authentic trims...

Two sizes; large...
and small...

All will be coming with me to the Vintage & Handmade Spring Fair, Chipping Sodbury,
on Saturday 31st May.

I have lots of vintage faces looking for new homes too! :)
My summer fairy folk include 5 new gals...



And Apple Blossom.

I'll have plenty of 'smalls' on offer too, such as these handmade greetings cards. 

All made from fragments of antique French fabrics and lace. 

Cute little wool pincushions.

There will be lots of big cushions...

And an assortment of vintage treasures such as this original watercolour painting from the Deco era. 
Hope to see you at the fair!
Niki x