Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There will be a short interlude on my blog whilst I spend some quality time with my Hubby!
Have a great week - See you all soon,
Niki x

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Down Came the Rain...

Today was another date with my local flea market, but once again the rain scuppered things a little. This time the stall holders were reluctant to even set out their wares, as it looked fairly set in for the day...but some braved it and despite me having completely the wrong footwear (It was bright and sunny when I left home!) I did find a few treasures to bring home...as well as my soggy socks!
I get quite a few emails from ladies in other countries throughout the world, saying how lucky we are in the UK to have so many lovely things at our flea markets. I agree that we do, but anyone trawling the flea markets will know, it is not easy to find these goodies. It takes a lot of hard work sorting through a lot of merchandise on all of the stalls. I've been there for around 5 hours this morning in my squelchy shoes(!) and parted with the whole of my budget for the day, coming home with the selection you see here - Actually, not including the chest of drawers above...I bought those the other day and they are awaiting another map make-over. (I do still have some mixed feelings about the markets though and it remains true to say that bargains can be found in all sorts of places ;-))

I thought this pair of leather covered fireside seats, with lift-up lid for coal storage were rather wonderful. From the Deco era, obviously; they should shine-up beautifully.
Then some items more usual for me...a lovely Scottish mohair scarf, floral fascinator and fab 50's pinny.
I loved this satin evening gown, also from the 50's, but it is in need of a lot of TLC...but I have plans...
The little shabby box is from France and would have contained baptism chocolates.

Close-up of the satin fabric, with metal thread detail. And the little French box.
This gorgeous bedspread, probably from the 1930's, has also seen better days, but I thought the beautiful embroidery worth saving.
It has potential!

There's some 'cutter' French linen sheets from Lizzie and Jack, which are always useful for backing cushions. I also found this Alice in Wonderland themed fabric and a collection of unused French hat veils.

An embroidered cottage in a rather grim modern frame...but I can do something about that...

One item I bought just for me, was this lovely Victorian jug. It came from Jennie.
The roses are a present for the shop...I usually buy fresh flowers to add to my displays, but it can be expensive buying them every week, so when there is little on offer in my garden that I can take in, I shall use these artificial ones instead.

Finally, old photos and postcards, which are always a good buy.
That's it for today...thanks dropping in. My shop will be closed next week, whilst I get sorted out at home...a final break before the run up to Christmas!!!
Enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow,
Niki x

Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Stitches

I've been lucky to buy another collection of family heirlooms from a local lady to my shop, who supplied me with some equally wonderful treasures at the beginning of the year. This time there are 11 adorable antique baby dresses and gowns. Each one is made from very fine silk, cotton or muslin and is entirely hand stitched. The workmanship is incredibly beautiful...pin tucks so tiny, I had to look through a magnifying glass to check the stitches where indeed done by hand and not machine! The other details are impeccable too; hand embroidery, cutwork flowers, lace frills, and the teeniest of pearl buttons with hand-worked button loops to fasten them.




Precious pieces from the past, which will hopefully find new homes to cherish them soon,
Niki x

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lighting My Way

A while ago I had a lovely email from Krissie. She asked if I would add a post to my blog about the wall lights in our kitchen. Its taken me a while, but I'm finally here with a few pictures....
Krissie had spotted the two cherub wall lights beside the mirror which hangs above the main counter in our kitchen diner.
I bought them about 5 or 6 years ago and was told by their previous owner that they dated from the Edwardian era.
They needed total rewiring, as they would have been unsafe to use as they were.
The problem was getting the new wires down the arms of the cherubs. They would only take thin wires and in the past the arms had been broken - As can be seen on the boy cherub below. The cracks were quite serious and so we had just one chance to feed a new set of wires through, by tying them to the old ones and pulling them out through the bulb holders at the top.
Taking care, we made it and have been very pleased with them. I'm always worried about dusting them now though (not good in a kitchen!), but hopefully they will survive for a few more years.
They seem to be made of a gesso or plaster type material, but it could be a coating over carved wood. They are heavy too. I've always loved how they look with the design of the wallpaper in our kitchen.

Its nice to be able to isolate the lighting in this area of the kitchen, with this being the main work station.
There is another old cherub light above the sink...
Which I added a hand painted glass shade to. The ceilings are quite high in our kitchen, so this one flies through the air on quite a long flex. :)
Hope that is what you wanted to see Krissie! And hope it was of interest to others visiting my blog.
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x