Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween,
Niki x

Monday, October 28, 2013

Escape to the Country...

Whilst talking to an estate agent a few months ago, we discovered that selling a rural/character property can be a very difficult task, mainly due to the fact that 95% of buyers these days are looking for the ‘modern box’ on an estate. I found that quite difficult to believe. 
When you live in the countryside, surrounded by nature, you become so beautifully wrapped up in the changing seasons that you can forget how lucky you are. It’s also easy to assume that most people would also choose to live that way. If you don’t already, and have actually considered moving to the countryside and living in a unique character property, then I’d like to share something with you...
This isn't about me, but my lovely friend Helen. (Many of you will know Helen from the vintage fairs in the SW area.) Now much as I don’t want Helen to move too far away, I do want her to be content...She has found a smaller property to the one she lives in presently and is ready to move-on. It is with some reluctance that she has put her beloved Somerset cottage on the market, which is now too large for her and her husband’s needs.

Some of you may have seen photos that I've taken in Helen’s cottage when I've been lucky enough to visit her. (Here, here and here.) In fact I couldn't help talking about the seasons whenever I've visited, which is reflected in the photos I've shared of visiting birds outside its windows, 
the colours of the trees and of foliage picked for the dining table 
and the stunning views across the Mendips. 

I also featured it in my book along with her much-loved collections. It was the perfect home to be included, as the nostalgic elements it contains make it very welcoming and a happy place to be.
I promised Helen and Tim that I would mention ‘Brooklyn’ on my blog in the hope that someone visiting my page may be in the process of looking for an idyllic character property in the Somerset area. Or perhaps it may even be the exciting spark to trigger the idea to up-sticks and buy a new (old!) home in the peaceful south west.

 If this could be you, I know that Helen would love for you to take a tour of her home. The details for her 4 bedroom property can be found via the Killen’s website here.
UPDATE: Helen's home is now being marketed here.
I’ll leave you with some more pictures to hopefully tempt you to follow your dreams and begin a new life in the country...

Wishing Helen and Tim every good wish for happiness in this new chapter of their lives,
Niki x

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cake and Candles

OK, it's THAT time of year again, and so having baked our cake this week, I thought I might be forgiven for mentioning the 'C' word again...

I plan to use this old oval frame for my next 'framed fairy' project, but I didn't want to just discard the lovely bevelled mirror. Taking inspiration from this post, I decided to give it the ghost mirror treatment.

Once I had removed patches of the silvering, I chose a vintage red satin fabric with little white stars woven through it, to show through from the back.
This was glued in place and trimmed to fit.
I thought it would make a pretty stand for glass candlesticks on the dining-table. 

It could be dressed-up for the big day with all sorts of festive foliage, baubles, or church candles.  
Today, I've introduced a small festive display to the middle of my shop...

But there's still plenty of the un-festive variety too!
If you'd like to take a look...

Have a lovely weekend...
Sounds like it could be wellie-weather! 
Niki x