Tuesday, January 09, 2007

All Change!

I felt like a change after the clutter of Christmas - Think I have seen enough red for a while....



I treated myself to some Spring flowers,
and pinned some vintage flower corsages on my lampshade.
A little over-the-top maybe, but I can easily change the look again, as nothing is permanent. The mirror is one that my daughter has had in her bedroom, but it was no longer required. The frame was gold plastic!! - So I painted it a more subtle grey/blue. I replaced the red eiderdown on the bench seat, for a pale blue quilt. I'm ready to welcome Spring a little early perhaps, but it has given me a lift in spirit.


  1. Anonymous10:56 am

    I love the fresh look, i have done the same in my house after all the Christmas clutter. I feel like i can start the year better with a fresh look. Love your place, simply beautiful. Renee xx

  2. Hi Niki, love the after - and before!! It certainly looks fresh and Spring-like. Now, if you no longer have a need for that gorgeous red eiderdown... Only joking, I'm sure you could never part with it!!! Clare x

  3. Gosh Niki, I'm not sure if I prefer the before or the after. They're both gorgeous. As a lover of all things red, I do like the before a lot but then I'm starting to go more towards softer colours lately so the after is beautiful as well. The after certainly looks ready for spring and I'm all in favour of that. That mirror is fantastic. Can hardly believe it is plastic. It looks antique!
    Beautiful pictures as usual.

  4. Ooooooh I love both shots!!! Well it's nice to have seasonal changes.

    I seem to change my rugs around, red in the winter blue in the summer.

    Always an inspiration. Best wishes Ginny

  5. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Can't believe that mirror is plastic it looks so vintage, amazing. Love both the before and after, especially love the lampshade with flowers, almost looks like one of your hats.

  6. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Niki, you are SO talented that both ways are scrumptious ~ so enjoy as your moods/seasons change ~ so dreamy in its' new dress ~ love, love the florals on the shade!

  7. Abracadabra..!
    You have worked your magic again.
    I love both, but your spring version is beautiful. I like to pin things onto lampshades too..

  8. Both ways look great but the new one is very similar to my style. It is summer here so lots of light pastels in my living room.

  9. Anonymous1:33 pm

    I think it's all adorable! More pictures please, all that pink and red cheers me up.

    By the way, the mirror is fab and reminds me of the Evil Queens mirror in Snow White. Mirror, mirror on the wall.....Niki is the fairest of them all! LOL


  10. Change is always fun, as expected from you the second is as pretty as the first. I do think the second is more victorian and spring like. Of course red is a true Victorian color, oh this is so confusing!!

  11. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I love them both! Its amazing how different the "after" looks, with just a bit of change. Ahhh, you continue to be an inspiration!

  12. Such a beautiful spot. I love the vintage flower corsages pinned to the lampshade.

  13. I like both pics - BEFORE and AFTER! ;-)))

    Well, I am in a kind of spring mood these days, too, since it's still pretty warmish over here. I guess I'll skip the winter this year...

  14. So beautiful! I really love red, but it's so fun changing things up...There are so many beautiful combinations out there - why stick to just one? Nice job - and good for you for treating yourself to some fresh flowers!

  15. I like the look of your little corner of the world, and just arriving in the cold myself....spring flowers sound good. Hope you had a good holiday and I am sure you enjoyed your daughter being home for a while. Come and visit when you have time.....Hugs to you....Sharon K

  16. Oh, not to over the top at all. Both looks are absolutely gorgeous!

  17. I'm right with you there! Spring can't come too soon for me! We have had a really mild winter so far, that is until yesterday, when the temps dropped drastically and the winds began howling. Love the spring look you have, tho!

  18. Anonymous3:44 am

    What a lovely idea with the corsages! I think I'll try that as well. What a lovely site.

  19. Oh spring came in your house already and all looks so gorgeously beautiful and fresh! I also love the before and the after look!

  20. Fresh and springy! Such simple changes but they really made a difference (although I loved it before AND after!) :)

  21. What a beautiful home you have !!!


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