Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ahhhh, That's Better....

I thought I ought to quickly get my blog back to all things vintage and pretty after yesterdays interruption! Thank you to all for your thoughts on the mystery object. I am going with the suggestions of Nancy, Peggy, Kristy and Mary, that it is an old fashioned chest drain. Not a nice thought really and I am so glad that medical advances have been made!
Corners of my home.


  1. How pretty!!!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. This is more like the you we know!! But I was fascinated by the bottles and possibilities.

    That reminds me, I have 4 boxes of old bottles in the store waiting to be looked at and hopefully sold somewhere. Not sure what there is, although I do remember there are a few Bovril bottles.

    Sue x

  3. Yes that does look more like you. I was at the thrift again today, somebody please stop me, or not.

  4. Niki... so funny about the jar/bottle/drain thing... he he. I bet you will never look at that bottle the same again! lol

    Love the corners of your home! Heather

    p.s. I posted pics of Violet!

  5. Such pretty corners of your lovely home Niki.
    I've met a new friend through your blog - she's also from Torquay and has just moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts - we are meeting for lunch and vintage shopping on Thursday - I'm so excited. Will get some pics to post later.

    Meanwhile, I've tagged you - please visit my blog.

  6. Yes that's what we like to see, but the other post was very interesting and I had a laugh following all the comments :))

    best wishes Ginny

  7. Love looking at all your pretties!
    Great collection!

  8. It beautiful-I love putting wallpaper in cupboards and things too! x

  9. Have stumbled across your blog from afar and had to stop to say what a delightful place it is to spend a few moments. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful fabric & vintage finds.

  10. I'd sit in a corner of your home anyday! Any corner as well :) I'm going to put it on my list of things to do before I die LOL!

  11. Anonymous9:55 am

    Very pretty!

  12. What a beautiful blog you have. I especially love your doll collection.

  13. How pretty! Just the sort of thing to look at on a friday afternoon.

  14. Such pretties you have displayed! Have a restful and happy weekend!

  15. Anonymous10:15 am

    Just stopping by to say hi Nikki - I've missed you! And I see that everything is just as beautiful here as always!


  16. What a very pretty post, you have a real talent for displaying your things. All I can say about that medical device is thank goodness for progress!
    Have a great week-end.

  17. Hi Niki

    Yes, that's better!! But your post the other day was interesting and got us all thinking, which can't be a bad thing!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    Clare x

  18. Hi Nikki! I just clicked on your link and voila! You are back! I have caught up on your posts and have to tell you that you are brilliant and so inspiring! Like you, I sew and make tote bags, pillows and other things. Years ago I made dolls and just last week told myself that I am going to do that again. Your pictures gave me just that inspiration! I am going to be giving away something I made here in the next few weeks. So, check back with me and pass it along.....smiles to you! Glad you had a wonderful time this summer! Blessings across the miles, Becky

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Julia x

  20. So good to see you back. nita

  21. Again with the lovely shelves. They are so fun to look at.

  22. Anonymous4:45 pm

    i love seeing pretty corners of other peoples homs, thank you for letting us have a peek!

  23. Are those little, black, stuffed shoes cute or what?! Are they actual children's shoes stuffed with a fabric tube topped with flowers?

    A chest drain?? Eeewwww.

  24. Hi Wanda,
    Thanks for your comment - yes, those are real baby shoes! They are stuffed with pink silk and topped with vintage ribbon flowers to use as a pin cushion. They actually came from a girl in the States.

  25. So many lovely things. It's really inspirating coming in to your place.
    Love Elzie

  26. Love the glimpse into all your pretties. Thx for sharing.



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