Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fabulous February!

We were certainly treated to some wonderfully mild and spring-like weather over the weekend. I spent a fantastic few hours tidying up our front garden and discovering all the spring flowers about to burst into life.

I also managed a quick trip out to the flea market to thrift some goodies. Funnily enough, I think I must have been influenced by the warm weather, as most of the pretty items that I was drawn to are reminiscent of spring. (Well, maybe summer too, but who can resist roses?!)

The tiny china teacup is going to live at my friend's cottage; she has her Birthday on Valentine's Day ansd so this will be included with her present from me. The brooches and buttons will be embellishments for some of my handmade items and I am keeping the pretty vase for myself.
The beautifully hand embroidered linen panel has become the main feature to one of my handmade bags.......
And I just love the old fashioned quality of these hand crocheted doilies with the cheerful pansy border.

My middle daughter has been at home from University since Friday evening. She's working on a big fashion/costume assignment, so the house has been turned upside down with fabrics and paints flying in all directions! She tells me that she can't be tidy and artistic at the same time, so I have to put on a brave face and convince myself that the house will recover.....

This is the kitchen after I asked her to clear some space so that I could cook the evening meal...... and perhaps it wouldn't be too much to ask if we could sit down to eat at the table too?!!
But having said that, I used to be just the same messy-moo and have since learnt to be tidy, so there's still time for her, isn't there?!............(wink ;-))
Enjoy the sunshine - Niki x


  1. Some great finds Niki - I love the crocheted pansies. I can't see what you're complaining about ... you have floor! Some of us don't have that luxury too often!!!!!

  2. Hi Niki, ooh some pretty things to use as embellishments! I think my husband must be artistic too (he rarely tidies up without a prompt or three!). Your kitchen looks lovely, so light and airy, what a nice place to sit and eat your meals.
    ~ Liz

  3. Anonymous11:31 pm

    I'm just as messy but somehow I doubt if there will be an emprovment with me. LOL
    Willow House

  4. My goodness Niki, it is just one giant non-stop flea market over there! I'm so jealous, it's just chilly, windy and flea market barren over here right now! xo, suzy

  5. Love all of your pretties Niki.
    I guess your daughter is being creative. We cannot stand in the way.
    I hope her project turns out great!

  6. It is so hard telling a teenager to tidy up when you remember what you were like at that age isn't it?! Love all your finds, they are so spring like, maybe this sunshine is making us hunt down all these florally bits and bobs. Love the look of your new bag, enjoy the sunshine

  7. I think you deserve a medal for tolerance and patience Niki..
    I get terrribly agitated if my space gets untidy.. but at least your daughter is being creative and will certainly make something beautiful out of all the chaos..

    I hope to get out for a bit of thrifting soon.. long overdue.. as is my email to you.. sorry.


  8. Thanks for the comment Sue – but you should have seen the kitchen before the tidy-up!!! I had to mountaineer over a pile of old wool blankets to reach the cooker!! Honestly – the more space she has, the more she uses! – I don’t know how she copes at her tiny Uni bedsit!! mmmm....that's probably why she came home, isn't it?!

  9. The weather has been lovely hasn't it. Oooh you have lots of wonderful finds as usual! It is getting a little exciting thinking of spring now isn't it, hope you enjoy these lovely sunny days we are having.
    love Alison x

  10. Fabrics and paints flying LOL! Glad my bluebirds got outta there before she arrived. I got my package with ALL of it's lovely contents (thank you! ) Much quicker than you got from me last time around. I'm so happy with all of it!!!

  11. Beautiful finds, Niki! It's funny how our houses are similar in that any large artistic project by the children in my house always seems to be done at the kitchen table... near mealtime! =)

  12. Your beautiful finds are so fabulous, and I love seeing pictures of them all , and of all of the lovely things you make! Your blog truly does Make My Day so I am passing that award along to you. Mitzi, who passed it to me said that I should comment on each person's blog, so this is my way of letting you know. Such beautiful finds you feature in this post! And I love your handmade bag. The doily with the pansies is just like some pansies I found at a thrift shop that appear to have been made into a crocheted version of a Hawaiian lei flower necklace! So pretty! I adore your blog.

  13. HI Niki, I too am hoping my girls will be a lot tidier as they get older but fear I may have missed the bus on that one!! I should lead by example lol. Love your vintage finds, just beautiful!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  14. Anonymous9:07 am

    We all need a great big sewing room dont we? Things would be so much easier then!

  15. Hi Niki,
    You are the best finder by far! I've got my eye on that bag, it's simply beautiful, and the embroidered brooch!
    We can go weeks without using the dining room table much to the family's annoyance. I'm so untidy so can totally relate to your last photo!
    Take care,
    J xx

  16. Fabulous finds too, Niki, those colours look great together. I think I agree with your daughter about being tidy and creative, I still haven't learned to be tidy, I wonder if there's time for me?
    Happy Valentine's
    Lucy x

  17. What gorgeous finds Niki. Your friend will be charmed by the pretty cup I'm sure, what a lovely idea for a Valentine's birthday. We're on half-term here this week so especially thrilled the weather has been so glorious!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Anonymous6:30 am


    Oh look! I have the same doily. My Gran made it. You can see it on my blog.

    Take care of yourself!



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