Monday, March 05, 2012

Spring Clean...

Can't believe I'm here, about to post about doing my housework...But yes I am! My shop has had huge demands on my time for the past two years, and so housework normally consisted of a quick flit here and there, just to keep on top of the main chores that needed to be done...No real deep clean and tidy. Although the shop is still high on my list of priorities (I was out as usual buying more stock yesterday), having given myself an extra closed day for a while, has meant time at home to get sorted, has been very welcome.
Today it was the turn of our utility/laundry room. A room we only go into when we need to throw some clothes in the washing machine, or to do some ironing. For the next few months though, it needs to serve an additional purpose, of storage facility!
So before it becomes clogged with boxes and crates, I decided to give it the deep clean...
Washing my enamelware and work surfaces...
And washing down the shelves that run around the whole room near the ceiling.

All my old jugs and vases were put away properly in the corner, with less attractive items hidden behind the cupboard doors and curtained-off areas under the sink.
Lots more housework to catch-up with throughout the whole of our house, but it feels good to have made a start...

(I love these old tiles on one of the walls...The laundry room used to be our tiny kitchen back in the day when I had my shop at home, (before the shop area later became our kitchen.) The tiles were once behind the cooker hob, which we removed when the room became redundant as the family kitchen. Hubby is going to fill in the hole where the hob was with wood (better late than never!), and we're going to cover it with more antique tiles...if we manage to collect enough.)
Hope that wasn't too mundane a post!
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hello Niki...I love this post!! those tiles are gorgeous, it is probably the nicest utility room I've ever seen, I really love old enamel too. Nothing like a good spring clean :-) have a lovely week x

  2. Your tiles are beautiful, Niki. What a treat to have that utility room. My laundry area is in our cellar! ;)

  3. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Such a beautiful room and lovely pictures,i am in love with your aqua and rosey enamelware it is so pretty and the old tiles look really fabulous together,it is a lovely feeling when all is clean and it's place x

  4. Hi Niki.
    This beautiful post :):)
    The corners of your house are delightful, as your shop, sigh!
    Hughs and Kisses, Maria.
    (with translator)

  5. i know what you mean about the cleaning, sometimes i look around my house and am ashamed!!

  6. You have inspired me Niki to start Spring cleaning! My kitchen cupboards are in desperate need of a clean and tidy. Love the antique tiles.
    Jo xx

  7. But ... Niki?!
    Ordinary post? And 'the most
    nice closet I've ever seen!
    Those enamel, those tiles, paintings .....
    all wonderful, very English ..
    a hug
    Susy x
    P. S. thanks for the mail, I'll see to
    the end of March ..... I can not wait!

  8. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Beautiful photos,lovely blog,I shall now start my spring cleaning!
    Thea x

  9. Your rooms looks amazing and wonderful. I like your post and pix so much. Its very attractive.

    a boards uk

  10. Wonderful tiles, what an amazing 'utility' area.
    Yes, Spring cleaning needed.... but the garden needs us too..... busy time.
    Carol xx

  11. I love your blog, thanks for posting this fantastic things! Dani


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