Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank You Sue and Woo!

Love and hugs to Sue and Woo for organising the 3rd Annual Textile & Costume Event at Dairy House on Sunday. As you can see, once again Sue ordered a beautiful blue sky for the day...albeit accompanied by a chilly wind...But us hardy vintage girls (some with our hardy-hubby-helpers), carried-on regardless and set up under the verandah for a day of selling...and lots of chatting.
Here are a few photos to give a flavour of the day.
My stall.
Elaine's stand.
Trixie's treasures.
Maud's pitch.

And Chloe's table in the sunshine.
Here's Trixie modelling a fabulous length of 50's fabric that she bought at the fair.
Now a couple of shots taken inside the antique's centre...
Sue's Jubilee display... Funnily enough, I had planned on creating a Jubilee/Olympics display on my stand at the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday! I'm hoping to finish in time, a couple of union flag rag dolls as my centrepiece...Talk about burning the midnight oil! ;-))
I LOVE the new (old!) Dairy House counter in the main entrance...
Don't you?...

The top floor, where Lizzie and Isabel were sharing the space.
My purchases from the day came from Lizzie, Isabel and Sue...A French C19th linen 'cutter' sheet, beautiful handmade roses and flower motif, and some lovely buttons.

Thank you to all of those who bought from me!
As I mentioned...the next event is the Vintage Bazaar, Frome, this Saturday...My Mum is coming to stay with us as from Thursday, so will be with me to help on my stall. I'll try and give a sneaky peek of my stock on my blog before we go, but I aim to spend lots of time with Mum whilst she's with us...Have a great week,
Niki x
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  1. love it! I'm doing a vintage fair on Jubilee bank holiday and i cant wait!!

  2. I'm still revelling in "warm" Nikki- I thought I might put the leccy blanket on an extension lead and wear it around the house!
    Lovely to chat to you and Dave

  3. Anonymous9:19 am

    Looks like such a fab day Nikki.Enjoy your Mum coming to stay and good luck with the weekend fair.xoxoxo

  4. looks like a fabulous fair.

  5. Love the fabric you've decorated your stall with ... very lovely! xx

  6. Looks like a wonderful day Niki and I was sorry to have missed it this time but it was my birthday and I never work on my birthday!!! I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday though. How lucky we are to have such lovely Mummies to help us. xxx

  7. Gorgeous pix of a very special day, see you on Saturday. x

  8. Great pics. Sue did all the organising really - I just scrubbed and lugged!!!!


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