Saturday, October 27, 2012


FTB - Not 'Feed the Birds' which is what you are told it stands for if you google this sequence of letters...(although feeding the birds is of course a very good thing to do ;-))...
I'm talking a northern phrase that we always used when our relatives from Blackpool would visit when we were younger. We'd have a slap-up meal somewhere and if it was a good one, we'd always remark we were FTB at the end of it...
'Full to Bursting!'
(Or 'Full to Busting' if you say it with a Blackpool accent!)
I'm not entirely sure why this expression popped into my head today, but it certainly sums up my shop at the moment. For reasons I won't go into, I have an excess of stock, but judging by the comments I've received from several new customers, it is a welcome excess. I've met some lovely people today and wanted to update my blog as some may be visiting here for the first time after picking up my business card. 
Sorry to those who have seen it many times before - I promise I shall be updating here again very soon, as I have lots of plans for the next few days...I'm in an 'achieving' mood! 
So I'll leave you for now with lots of photos and wish you a lovely evening.

Niki x


  1. Wonderful!!
    Hughs and kisses, *Mary*.

  2. Actually Nikki,
    FTB stands for Fantastic, Terrific, and Beautiful when you use it in regards to your shop!!!
    I could stay in there all day and wouldn't be finished seeing everything! I'm in LOVE with those red purses...the larger one especially. If only I could come and shop! By the way, I have to say that your hard work for your daughter's wedding was out of this world gorgeous!! The flowers, the tables, the dishes, oh my goodness...I'm know you must have been the tiredest you've ever been, but oh it was beautiful and I know she will never forget it.
    "Little One" is such a sweet little girl..growing so fast!
    Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life with us, and the photos are the kind I expect to find in a magazine...I keep going back over them and drooling!

  3. Anonymous10:41 am

    Oh Niki,the shop looks fabulous,must get to see you one of these days...
    happy week,xxxx

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