Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Step into Spring...

Its always difficult when I'm out on a buying trip...
And I'm confronted by another vintage lovely that really should be heading to my shop...
But I find myself justifying why I should keep it for myself...
It may just about fit in here if I shuffle things up a little...
Or if I piled things up three high instead of just two!
Perhaps if I took everything out of the cabinet and rearranged the displays, I'd create a little more space?!
And maybe if I really pushed the doors hard, they would just about close?! 
No, its time to give myself a good talking to...
(I've shown close-ups of some of my shoe collection on previous posts - For example, here.) 
The latest collection of vintage shoes that I bought from a lovely lady at the weekend will have to find new homes with girls who will love and enjoy them and perhaps even wear them again...
There are lots of lovely evening shoes from the 1960's that deserve to be danced in again...
Sling backs in shimmering gold...

And a pair in silver too. These remind me of shoes worn by my aunt in the 60's - As a young child, I would always be looking out for something similar at the local jumble sales and seem to remember finally coming home with a lovely pair in pastel blue...Just before the seventies style really kicked in and it was only cool to wear brown, red and purple shoes, of mostly suede. 

Glamorous gold mesh 'winkle pickers' with stiletto heel.
Made by Bally.

And slightly different in style are three pairs in black...
These with a diamanté buckle detail. 

'Sharon' by Clarks.

And my favourite pair of all! - Bally shoes made of jet black velvet with sparkling buckled bow. These will come with me to the Vintage Spring Bazaar on Saturday 20th, as they will sit beautifully with a stunning c1930's velvet bag that I've also acquired recently, which I shall show on a future post before the fair. (All of the other items that I have for the fair have a strong sense of spring, in pretty pastel colours.) 
The rest of these wonderful shoes will go to my shop tomorrow...I will be strong - I promise! ;-))
Niki x


  1. Oh they are fabulous Niki but like you i adore the black velvet,i don't know how you manage to part with all things you buy it must be so hard!

  2. Beautiful items! I know exactly what you mean wanting to keep some of it. I have a very hard time putting some items in my booth. The thing that keeps me from hoarding, is that I can post my finds on blogspot and reminisce.


  3. Me too, I would have huge troubles to get rid of something I love. My mother wore almost exclusively Bally shoes. Pity, I am too far for the next fair.

  4. Wow, a charming corner!!! I have a small collection of miniature shoes (you have been my inspiration today). Thank you. Have a nice day. x

  5. Beautiful dolls, I like this items.And collection of shoes very beautiful.Thank you.


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