Thursday, June 20, 2013

Floral Farewell

In a few days my blog will be 7 years old...
(In that time I've clocked-up over 1000 posts)...
With some trepidation, this feels like an appropriate time to step back from my Blog Nostalgia at the Stone House...
I am a person who likes to give everything I do, 100% effort, and right now I don't feel I can do that any more...I am truly thankful for all the wonderful people I have met through Blogging and for the opportunities it has opened up to me. I am very grateful to all who have visited here and have found the time to comment or to send a friendly email. My life has been the richer for having you here and I have learnt a huge amount from this interaction and also from the commitment that having a blog involves. 
Sharing the simplest of things sometimes, but knowing that someone out there 'gets me' and wants to read what I have to say or to look at photos I've uploaded, has been the reward.
I shall keep my blog here on the www for I may wish to return - I shall keep the 'fairs' section up-to-date in case you'd like to visit.
I've deliberately kept my other blog simple, so will continue to post on there when I can. I regularly make things at my shop, so have the material for the next post to hand, without having to think too much about it. 
 I have deactivated my Twitter account. I will give Facebook a little more time, but I don't think its for me... 
Pinterest, I love - I enjoy the 'niceness' of it; the kind words exchanged, alongside all of the beauty that's shared - I will be pinning there from time to time...

For now, my last post for the foreseeable future...
Hubby has been away working in the States, which gave me the opportunity to turn the house upside down and do a deep clean and have a good faff! The whole of my vintage hat collection got emptied out of the glazed cabinet that I had on our landing. I swapped it for this Deco cabinet, which I thought had more space for display! 
Turns out it didn't really(!), so once again floral hats jostle for space alongside my decorative hat stands and a few other fripperies!

In our bedroom, I cleaned up the dressing table and dared to part with a few of my treasures...

Much tidier...
Believe me?!

The slipper bath in one corner of our master bedroom is going to be made more of a feature. I plan to paper the walls around it with antique magazine pages, similar to what I did in my shop's fitting room. I also want to find a rustic painted shelf with hooks beneath...
For these things...

And the bathroom has received the faffing treatment too! ;-))
A good tidy up, followed by a culling of my treasures, which found their way into my shop this week. (More details at the end of this post).

Real floral treasures, with some of the stars in our garden just now...

I DO love these! 

Take one more bow! ;-))

And flowers will always feature in the things I like to make...
To finish, one of my quick creative projects. Some of the old glass jars and bottles that came from my bathroom cabinet...
I've applied genuine Victorian paper scraps to the fronts. Tied the necks with lace and trimmed with artificial flowers. 

Once again, thanks for stopping-by...
I hope to bump into you somewhere soon, either on the www, at my shop, at a vintage fair, or anywhere that vintage-lovers can be found...Perhaps under a table at a flea market rootling out treasures, or at the back of a dusty antique warehouse where all the best stuff is hidden??! And I'm always at the other end of my email...Address via my blog profile.
Have a great summer! :)
Niki x
Update 24th June2013: Thank you for all the kind comments left here - I was sad to write my final blog post, as I have loved putting my blog together over the past 7 years... But it also feels quite a relief it must be the right time. I shall continue to post on my other 'creative' blog (and Facebook for now.) In the future I may return here to use this space as a bulletin board to advertise fairs I shall be attending, any other important developments at my shop, or with my small business in general. Thanks again for all the support over the years…I’m always at the end of my email if ever you need to get in touch!
Niki x 


  1. I shall miss your blogging. Grovenore

  2. Hi Niki - so sorry to read this and will miss your posts like mad, but quite understand. There is a season for everything, and I've found the secret is to hold all things lightly, being ready to pick up or drop, according to one's circumstances. I look forward to keeping up with you on the other blog, and wish you every success and happiness in this next phase. Chris xx

  3. Thanks Niki for all your beautiful floral pics. Outstanding you're done 7 years. I sometimes find it hard to spend time on it, but try my best. I love to keep up with my blogging friends. Have a well deserved break.
    Enjoy yourself whatever you do next.
    Will keep a eye out if you decide to come back. Loved your blog.

  4. Niki what a beautiful but sad post. You will be very missed, and your lovely photos have always inspired. But I am happy for you knowing that you will be able to head in the directions you wish and not feel more pressure from keeping up with so many things. I too have decided to just cut back for the summer, and hope that the break will release me from the sometimes burden of blogging.
    Please know that your blog has been a huge huge inspiration for me, and I always love coming back and seeing your photos. I am excited that you have been pinning...I find Pinterest my favorite place and quite relaxing. I hate the thought of loosing your blog, but if we get busy we can pin all your lovely photos and keep them out there for all to enjoy!
    Many good wishes to you and many thanks too for such lovely time enjoying your blog.

  5. Hi Nikki,

    Well, this just sucks! Although I do completely understand :) I do hope that you will continue posting somewhere sometimes - your blog has always reminded me of Victoria magazine - a breathtaking and refreshing respite from this rotten ol' world - hopefully after a good rest, maybe you'll blog a bit more once your batteries have recharged and inspiration strikes again.

    Best wishes to you,


  6. I will miss your blog. I enjoy all of your creations and pictures of lovely vintage finds. Best Wishes for continued success!

  7. I can only echo all what has been said. But do so understand and always wondered where you find the time to post all those wonderful pictures and stories. We will keep in touch, I know. Have a fantastic holiday, we will be in Cornwall in the first week of July, 5 days off!

  8. Oh so sorry to hear your news, Niki. Well, i wish you my very best, and who knows, one day I may visit your shop in person (I cannot drive for so long, so I need a taxi-ride :)).
    Monica x

  9. Sad news but understandable with so many other demands on your time. Your blog was one of the first I discovered and have loved following you over the years. Good luck for the future. xx Debbie.

  10. I echo Serendipity above, and feel glad to know you in real life too so I can still get my Niki Fix!

  11. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now. Best wishes from Perth Western Australia xxxxx

  12. Anonymous9:14 am

    Hi Niki, I shall miss your blog too. I hope you do decide to keep it open and can drop in from time to time. I will look out for your other blog posts and wish you lots of luck and love xxxxx

  13. I will really miss your posts they are so pretty.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Shall miss all the beauty, inspiration and joy that comes with your blog. Will you keep your blog on line so we can have a 'nostalgic' trip back to see your pics sometimes?xx

  15. Dear Niki, I will miss your posts too. You have shown some truly fabulous things here. Like someone else commented you were one of the first blogs I visited and you told me how to start a blog when I visited your shop many years ago now. I wish you well and will keep my fingers crossed that you may do the odd post every now and again but fully understand if you don't.

  16. Dear Niki, I will miss your posts too. You have shown some truly fabulous things here. Like someone else commented you were one of the first blogs I visited and you told me how to start a blog when I visited your shop many years ago now. I wish you well and will keep my fingers crossed that you may do the odd post every now and again but fully understand if you don't.

  17. Yours was one of the very first blogs I ever saw, and it was love at first sight. I will miss your post, I hope you don't stay away too long!
    Best wishes,

  18. I will so miss your blog. I've always been very interested in English style (all those flowers!) and your blog is where I discovered many wonderful book titles and blogs of others' that still give me my "English" fix! I can only imagine the pressure that blogging can bring, and it is supposed to be fun, so enjoy your time with your family and your shop. Maybe someday, I'll be able to pop over the pond!

  19. Niki,

    We will miss you and your lovely posts with such wonderful photographs. The whole move to bloglovin is scary! I'm imported all the blogs I follow over and am not very techy, now I seem to have hundreds and don't know where to start! All the best and do stop by every so often. You can follow All things nice... on pinterest

    All things nice...

  20. hi Niki, am really sorry to hear you are going, you are the one lasting blog that I regularly checked up on to keep me in touch with whats going on. You have without fail always blogged when so many of us have fallen away. You were the crusader, and yes its a lonly task. I will keep coming back just to check when a fair is on, but keep posting goodies you add to your shop, at some point I might just turn up at the door, in fact this August I hope your in. I too have joined Pin interest so maybe you and I can inspire each other on there :-) See you somewhere Niki, have loved all your creations and posts. Best wishes always Ginny.

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  22. Hi Niki, like many others, I love reading your blog but can understand that it's time for a break, I hope you enjoy whatever it is you decide to do but like everyone else I hope you'll pop back every now and then. Take care x

  23. Hi Niki,
    Will miss your blog, enjoy the next chapter of your life, take care

  24. Ah, Niki! I am sad, but like the others, do understand. I hope you will keep the blog open for us to go back through from time to time! It will be nice to be able to check out your new creations on your other blog, but it won't be quite the same! :) For one . . . we can't tell you how much we like your new things!

    Thank you for all the wonderful posts you have given us and best wishes for a lovely future no matter what you do!


  25. Totally understand your reasons but will really miss your blog.

    Thank you for being so generous and sharing your ideas. You're so very talented.

    Wish you well.


  26. Dear friend I've never met,
    Thank you so much for all the sheer beauty you have brought into my life. Yours was the one blog I checked daily. You will be missed! May the Lord bless you and your family in marvelous ways!
    Mary Crabtree

  27. Sorry to hear you're ending your blog Niki. I've popped by pretty much since the beginning which is about the same time I started blogging I think. It's always such a pretty place to visit. I totally understand why you're stopping though. I struggle to keep up with mine these days with my two little boys and my tiny business keeping me busy. I find facebook easier these days as I can do a quick update much more frequently. For now I'm keeping on with my blog but not sure how much longer. Hope your business continues to do well. One day I'd love to come your way and give it a visit. Have a lovely summer. Fiona x

  28. I will really miss your blog...hope you return :(

  29. Hi Niki, I too will really miss your postings but do understand the time and commitment needed. Kind regards Lynne xx

  30. Dear Niki, how I will miss your blogs!! Yours was the first I ever found..I have loved reading it and seeing the stunning pics..Hope you have a great summer and feel refreshed..Warmest regards, Sue X

  31. Theres so much going on sometimes its hard to keep up. Thank you for all the lovely posts, take care. xxx

  32. All good things come to an end eventually, I know, I just wish that this one didn't end quite yet, we all love your blog! Still, you are such a busy bee, you can't do everything, thats totally understandable.It'd be great if you could update us just once in a while though.............. xx

  33. Gosh, I will miss your posts so much!
    Wishing you all the very best and hope to meet you in real life one day.
    May be the push I need to buy your book, if it is still available?
    Z xx

  34. I will miss your blog so much..I am glad that your on facebook! Please keep posting photos of your shop and cute things you make... I hope I can come visit someday! Take Care and Thanks for all the great posts!

  35. Dear Niki
    It will be sad not to have your lovely blog to visit. But if it feels like a relief to 'switch off' then, as you say, it's totally the right thing. I hope to see you around (carbooting most likely!). Wishing you a happy summer break and thank you for all the beautiful things you've shared here,
    D xx
    PS: Yours was one of the first blogs to get me hooked into blogging! Thank you for that xx

  36. I was so sad to read this, Niki, as your blog is always a delight and one I look forward to reading. I understand your reasons completely however, and you are certainly going out on a high with this beautiful post!
    All the best,
    Hen x

  37. so sad that your not going to blog anymore ...will miss you x

  38. thank you for my beautiful red and white heart. it has arrived safely. i have posted a picture of it with another heart i purchased as a start of a new collection, hearts ofcourse. will return since you are one of my favorite shops, no matter how far.

  39. I'll miss you and your kind voice. You created something beautiful here, Niki.

    Love and Thanks, and My Best Wishes, ♥


  40. I'll miss you too. I've stayed away from my blog for months at a time but always find my way back. Hope you do, too!

  41. Hi Niki.
    We were at the beach with our grandson, now we are back and I read your last post ... I do not want to believe that you do not make more posts, I'm very sorry, I already feel the nostalgics of beautiful pictures and your wonderful creations!
    I hope you'll come back again on your blog, I'll wait! :o(
    Thank you for all these years, but you'll look again!
    Kisses and hugs, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  42. Anonymous4:00 pm

    I have enjoyed visiting your blog since I love chintz, flowers and all things nostalgic. I live in the U.S.A. where we are very much a "modern society." An appreciation of old things is not as prevalent as in your country. So I find this blog packed with All Things Fulfilling.

  43. Good morning Niki, sad to see the end of an era, but there are always good reasons for change. Looking forward to keeping up with you on FB! Lizzie x

  44. Dear Niki,

    So sorry you are closing your lovely blog. It will be sadly missed!


  45. So sorry to see you go as I just found you and can tell you are a kindred spirit and would love to come by and see your beauty.

    Kindredly, Lynnie


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx