Thursday, July 03, 2014

For Sale

17 years ago we bought our 1930 home - ‘The Stone House’.
Walking through the front door on our first viewing of the property, we were confronted by swirly shag-pile carpets, polystyrene tiles on the ceilings, woodchip on the walls, no central heating, a tiny kitchen, a very unloved room that had once been the village post office, and an overgrown garden full of brambles and ivy...
But I think we needed the house as much as she needed us, so the deal was done.
The carpets, woodchip and the fire hazard tiles were soon banished. The house became cosy with the installation of new windows, a front porch, and a central heating system. Gems were discovered such as original old panelled doors beneath hardboard coverings that were put there during the 1960’s, and the beautiful old floorboards were exposed throughout.  
The garden was tamed, the kitchen moved to the old shop space on the other side of the house and the bathroom was modernised (but with a traditional look.) To take advantage of the beautiful view of the Somerset hills, the pièce de résistance was having the raised decked balcony built on the back of the house.
It has been a wonderful family home that we have loved living in and where we've had many happy times...the perfect place to bring up our three gorgeous girls; shaped by us, it was made ‘just right’ for us all...I know the girls will miss the house when it’s time for us to go, but they understand that it's now Mum and Dad's chance to move-on to somewhere new (old!) ;-))
Knowing a little of how the property market works, a sale may take time...But we hope that someone soon will fall for her charms and make this old stone house their new home in the near future...I do believe there is a perfect someone out there - they just have to find us...
Our house went on the market this week and has had one viewing already. It’s too soon for us to dream just yet, but perhaps by next year we could be nearer the next chapter...
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Niki x


  1. How wonderful your house Niki
    how you can give a dream like this?
    If only I could ..... I'd fly them to live there!
    Anyway best wishes for the sale and
    your new home ... old!
    Love Suzy x

  2. If only! Would be perfect!!I have no doubt it will sell VERY quickly Niki. After all, what's not to like?! xx

  3. Thanks Sue!
    Apparently we're all supposed to like en-suites off every bedroom, laminate floors and low maintenance gardens! ;-))
    Have to find that special someone who doesn't want any of that!
    Niki x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. That garden!If I could, I'd be there like a shot...ticks all my boxes for sure. What is it with en suite?

  5. Oh my gosh, it is hard to imagine someone won't fall in love with your home and quickly!

  6. sending you so many good wishes for this next huge (and amazing) step in your lives!
    Go Niki Go!

  7. How fabulous to have a peep into your lovely house,I envy the new owner,wish it could be me!!!Good luck with everything that comes along.Pam.

  8. I've always loved your home. I understand being ready to begin a new phase. We did the same thing. Our old home was lovely but dreams change. I wish you much luck! The showing of the house gets a bit exhausting. If your home was around here it would be snapped up the minute it went on the market!

  9. Anonymous2:29 am

    What a beautiful house and gorgeous decorating!! All the best!

  10. Your home is absolutely beautiful & a credit to you & all your hard work. What a shame there are oceans & miles between us, I would buy it in a flash ... & get you to leave most of your beautiful bits & pieces behind in it for me !!!!!! Best of luck finding the right owners who will love it & care for it too.

  11. What an immaculate home Niki, and that balcony terrace could be on the Mediterranean! Anyone with half a brain would be a fool not to fall in love with it. Saying goodbye to a much cherished home will be hard, but what an exciting prospect for you too, to start somewhere new with new design and furnishing challenges. Best of luck with it all x

  12. Dear Niki, yuor home is so lovely!

  13. I would buy it in a heartbeat Niki, your house will sell soon, I can help if you want and add your pictures to my might help?

    Love you and sending you all the luck for your next big adventure xxx

    Love Happy xx


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