Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just Something I Made...

A few weeks ago, gathering together some special tasty antique morsels was just the inspiration I needed to start work on a little project that I haven't shared with you yet...
After some careful snips, stitches and touches of glue, Ophelia was born.

She was placed safely inside her specially decorated box, whilst I worked on a second fairy...
More loveliness gave rise to...

Both were carefully wrapped...
And have made a long journey overseas to live in America...
Where I know they are going to be very happy :)
Niki x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Niki! xxx

  2. So very pretty! Someone is very lucky!

  3. They are exquisite
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. It's such a fabulous way to use little treasured pieces of fabric etc.I simply must organise my finances and purchase one!Pam.P.s this may sound fanciful but thinking about having one of your fairies is like a birth wondering what mine will look like!

  5. They are simply stunning, as always Niki. I love the way each one is so unique.
    Love Jackie x


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