Thursday, November 30, 2006

Frustrated Window Dresser!

Having been looking through all the photos of my little shop that I once had, (see previous post) it has made me somewhat frustrated. I trained many years ago as a window dresser and I guess I am now missing the opportunity to do some. So I have been rearranging my cabinet of 'stuff' that I have collected over the years....

There are some more of my hat collection in here, as well as old dolls, china and my favourite flower fairies book from when I was a little girl.

I have also been dressing my wire work mannequin! I used scraps of vintage lace, brooches, feathers and fabric flowers to create this whimsical dress. It is all just tied onto her, so when I feel like a change it will be easy to do so. She stands on the landing next to the other part of my vintage hat collection.


  1. Oh lovely displays Niki! you have a great way of grouping things together, like mini works of art!

  2. Niki,
    There you are, been checking here for a few days but I see you have been on a mission to re-arrange things. I love doing that, then when I get done I always wonder why I didn't do it before.
    Love all your stuff,would love to be there an actually see it.
    I was out yesterday and picked up a few new, old things, and have a few things comming from Ebay, Funny how you can always find room for one more thing.

  3. Hi Niki, so glad to see you back posting! Oh I do understand that you are sad not to have windows to decorate anymore. You have so many gorgeous things in your cabinet and I love all the fabric flowers and that green iron modell you've dressed looks so lovely! Where have you put all the gorgeous things from your shop when you've closed it? Do you have a whole room that you can use just to store it all, so that you can get some things out every time you go to a flea market or vintage selling show etc.? I could bet that you also have a wonderful creativity space in your house where you create your delightful bags etc.. I've just read "Where women create" and now I'm longing even more for my own studio, a whole room not just a corner in our loft. I'd love to see your space! Hope you don't find me too curious though!

  4. Yes, sorry not to have been posting for a few days - such a busy time of year isn't it?!
    Carol, I sold off some of my stock as I closed my shop, but then continued to sell lots more at the antiques fairs.
    I do have a work room that I share with my husband, but I am not at all tidy in there!! The plan is for me to tidy it during December!!! So I shall post some pics when it looks a bit more presentable!! (I have the 'Where Women Create' book - I love it!)

  5. Hello friend...missing our chats...a busy time of year to be sure.
    We're liquidating all of the leftover retail from our shop
    Holding a public auction Saturday, Dec 2.

    I'll be posting a post with a link for online bidding.

  6. I love the mannequin, makes me want to play dress ups! Nel

  7. Niki, now I understand why your vignettes and pictures are always so pleasing to the eye ! I trained as a window dresser too, it was my first job, and I loved it.
    Many, many years ago..

  8. That explains your talent for putting things together so beautifully. Your stalls always look positively edible. The lavender bags are beautiful by the way, they arrived safely and ae now winging their way to USA smelling divine, thank you :-)

  9. Well now I know the secret to your displays - a trained window dresser. No wonder everything looks so beautiful! Your house looks so gorgeous I just love it all.
    Carolyn (WIllow House)

  10. Hello Nikki such wonderful eye candy and how clever and inspiring is that wire model.
    Looking forward to the pics of your studio you share with your husband I do the same - he carves leather and I well everything else and it is our most untidy room lol.
    RaNae {Ewe Creek Cottage}

  11. Ah, such delicious pictures, and what a dear little shop, quite beautiful, I'm not surprised you miss it, your arrangements are so perfect.

  12. Hi Niki, Everything looks so lovely and I know half the pleasure is in finding all those wonderful things! Clare x

  13. Nicki...your home is just beautiful!! I love every room! Congratulations on it being in a magazine. Wish we could get that here. Somerset is such a beautiful part of England.



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