Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fabulous Flappers and Beautiful Bags.

I wanted to introduce to you today the talents of a friend of mine. Margaret Neale creates these adorable Flapper Doll ornaments, each one being unique.
She has an original chalkware one dating from 1913, which she used to create a mould. This is then cast in plaster.
Maggie spends many hours hand painting these wonderful creatures, making each one an original work of art. I love their appealing eyes, so typical of the Flapper era.

They are then embellished with vintage treasures to give them an authentic antique look. They display beautifully amongst original dolls, as well as sitting pretty with more modern pieces.
And as if that isn't clever enough! - Maggie also spends hours hand embroidering woollen bags with typical 1930's images.

A woollen blanket was dyed this soft aqua colour, then embroidered with wool and silk threads and worked into a wonderfully nostalgic flower boarder design. The bags are all lined with vintage floral fabrics and further embellished with old brooches with twinkling stones.

These fabulous items have been added to my website today. Please visit the catalogue for more details.
Yesterday, I visited a textile fair and met up with Sue and Donna.
Here we are enjoying a coffee in the lovely gallery cafe; we decided it was more appropriate to say 'fabric' rather than 'cheese', so it was rather funny to hear the chorus coming from our direction, whilst our photo was being taken!

Donna so very kindly bought me a present. I had admired on her blog, the broom that she recently purchased; and she bought one for me!! She also gave me a beautiful piece of 1950's flocked fabric perfect for fairy dolls. Thanks again Donna for your kindness and for going to such lengths to buy the gorgeous broom for me! I shall think of you whilst I sweep my floors!!

And here are my purchases from the day out:

A pretty cotton spriggy printed fabric in the background, a stunning Daisy chain headpiece, lace and ribbons and velvet Violets!

The collection above came from a charity shop in the town. Two rose printed pillowcases, coat hangers waiting to be recovered, antique lace and thread and the fabulous vintage Needlecraft book...all for £1.50!!
And to round the day of wonderfully, I was bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my great friend Debbie, who also visited the Textile fair with me.

I have been married for 22 years tomorrow, so these were an anniversary treat!


  1. Anonymous9:14 am

    Aww Nikki many congratulations to you and your hub on your anniversary, have a wonderful day together. Thanks for showing us such lovely things you certainly have an eye for a bargain.

  2. Anonymous9:50 am

    Wow 22 years... you don't look old enough.. seriously! Those bags are gorgeous. Nice to see fellow bloggers meeting up. You got a lovely bounty from the textile show, I have that sewing book, which I bought in a charity shop along with another similar one called Needlework and Crafts, and I paid £8 for the pair so you should be very pleased with yourself! (PS. I have posted a picture of that pot now, if you have a spare minute please see what you think!

  3. What a lovely day out. Good company AND bargain buys. Those embroidered bags are sooo beautiful. Happy Anniversary! Mary

  4. Congratulation on 22 years of married life. What lovely flowers!
    Looks like you had a great day at the fair and what a great stash to bring home. I wish I had been there!

    Oh and I've been shopping on your web again, yes I know I shouldn't but I really could not resist. You know me, I love to shop!

    best wishes Ginny

  5. What a fabulous picture of the three of you!:D Love that bag with the Hollyhocks, so pretty! And the vilolets you found are gorgeous! Oh that broomstick is really lovely too, how nice of Donna! Congratulations on you anniversary tommorow, very pretty flowers, I hope you'll spend a lovely day! Hugs Carol xox

  6. Hi Niki, What a wonderful day you had yesterday! I think Maggie's creations are truly amazing - that pretty hollyhocks bag is truly divine!

    Congratulations for tomorrow - and you don't look old enough, it's true!

    Clare x

    Looks like you and the girls had a nice day out and about, and as usual you came home with some good stuff.

  8. Beautiful beautiful - EVERYTHING! And what a stunning photo of you ladies! Happy Anniversary to you, Niki (and hubby of course)! 22 years??? You don't look it at all - just as Nicky said above! Those handbags are stunning... and all those dolls!!! =)

  9. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Ahh! What a great picture of you three. It sounds like a blog meet I would have LOVED!! I'm glad you had fun together.
    Happy Anniversary to you both. xx

  10. Your photos are delicious. Happy Anniversary.

  11. (Is it sad I covet that broom?)

  12. Bags & flappers both ab fab!
    And happy anniversary to you both.... you were a child bride, weren't you?

  13. Happy Anniversary Niki. Hope you had a lovely day.

    It was so lovely meeting up yesterday we had a fab time didn't we? Glad you liked the broom, I thought it was just what your gorgeous new kitchen needed.

  14. Tomorrow is our 22nd wedding anniversary too!

    Happy anniversary to you!

  15. Happy Anniversary - hope you have a great day. Love all your photos - those bags are so beautiful. Your charity shops finds are real bargains. Glad you had such a good day out.
    Kim x

  16. Hi Niki

    What a jolly day we had! I haven't had a chance to post photos of my purchases yet - nor the one of your lunch!

    Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. I forgot to ask if you were doing anything special!!

    Sue xx

  17. Sounds like a great day. Congrats on the occasion of your 22nd anniversary! Lovely bags and figurines your friend makes.

  18. Happy Anniversary and many more. Love those little flapper dolls and the purses are beautiful too. Thank you for sharing them!

  19. Pretty post. The doll figurines are lovely, and the bags ..owo!
    You made some nice finds too I see Niki.
    The three of your appear to be having a good time.
    CONGRATULATIONS !! on your anniversary today..!
    Ours was on the 28th (39 years !)

  20. Oh my goodness....owo??
    Obviously I meant to type WOW...!!
    You see how excited I was..!

  21. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Happy Anniversary for tomorrow Nikki. Some gorgeous things in your post as that pink broom! I could be convinced to do housework with that!

  22. The bags a very pretty... great

  23. Those bags are amazing - I particularly like the aqua and hollyhocks one. Happy Anniversary.

  24. Anonymous8:46 am

    que de trésors sur ton blog , ce doit etre un plaisir de faire les brocantes avec toi
    bises de france

  25. Hi,
    I like your broom!

  26. Congratulations on your anniversary! And your friend is so very talented with her flapper dolls and embroidered bags. I can't even imagine how long each of those projects would take. And I'm sure you will put all of the goodies you found to creative use. You do such a good job of that.

    allie from minneapolis

  27. Those ornaments are so sweet---your friend is quite talented! I'm so glad that you had a nice time meeting your friends (great photo!), and also wish you a very happy anniversary!

  28. Congratulations! I wish you another 22 years. Your blog is lovely.


  29. Anonymous12:07 am

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!
    ....and what a bunch of beautiful treasures you found! xo

  30. Anonymous1:52 am

    What beautiful gifts and treasures!
    Could you tell us the secret place that scrumptious pink broom comes from? I'm dying to get one! So pinkalicious!

  31. Great day out Nikki - just love the flappers and wool bags are gorgeous. Hope you celebrated your anniv. with much fun and frolic. Congrats. - twenty more years and you'll have been married as long as me - oh my!!

  32. Thank you everyone for your comments and well wishes.

    The broom came from Woolworths!! They have matching vintage style accessories too, such as peg bags and a dustpan and brush set!!

    Niki x

  33. Happy Anniversary! :) I love the little purse with the hollyhock embroidery. Lovely!

  34. Love that hollyhock bag! And the photo of you three!

  35. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Gosh, the aqua bag is just gorgeous - one of my fave colors - how did she get that color from dye? I embroider but that is amazingly detailed - a lot of hours went into it. The person who gets it is going to get lots of compliments!
    I saw the broom on another blog - love it - you guys have all the pretty stuff in England. :)

  36. Happy Anniversary Nikki
    I love the flapper girls , My daughter had a 20's wedding I had loads of fun making the dresses I will have to dig out some pictures for my blog

  37. Niki...I am inviting you and your readers to a 'potluck' get together on friday :) Come see!

  38. Anonymous5:06 am

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!:)
    I absolutely love that hollyhock bag with all the lovely embroidered flowers.
    Take care!

  39. Hape you had a wonderful anniversary! Those ornaments are so cute, really unique. Your kitchen is looking really pretty with the red accents!


  40. Omigosh...AND you are all so beautiful!!!

  41. Love that broom and I have seen on ebay that it has a matching dustpan and brush!
    Gorgeous things as always Niki :) Hope you find more time to blog as I love your things especially your kitchen!

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