Friday, March 02, 2007

"Hello Dolly...."

I had a wonderful surprise parcel arrive at my door this morning. It was from the kind and thoughtful Clare, from Vintage Home. I have emailed Clare several times this week; working from home can be quite lonely sometimes and Clare has been a great 'listener', even when I was moaning! But enough about me, 'the moaning-mini', back to the gorgeous parcel.....

Wrapped in pretty rose printed fabric and satin ribbon was this....

A beautifully dressed wooden doll with a bisque head and another little doll's head...
Oh, wait a minute....she's getting up to meet all of the other dollies that live at our house...would you like to come too?!.....

This is Ruby, who I made myself, with her little fluffy friend on her lap. She sits on top of the dresser in our living room....

Here we have my 1930's girls and two wooden peggy pin dolls from the Victorian era....

My bisque Kewpie style lovelies, who you may have met before; today accompanied by a bunch of mixed roses...

The beautiful and sophisticated Francoise sits on a bedroom chair..what a glamour puss!...

Wax and half-dolls, who live in cabinets.

I grew-up with the lovely Spanish topsy-turvey girl and have always loved her sweet face; but she hides a surprise beneath her skirt! - There is another dolly there! I discovered the other topsy-turvy friend at a car boot sale, so she had to come home with me. Their boyfriends are sailors, but are in retirement now!

And the two boudoir dolls above, also arrived at my home this week, so are also looking to make friends! They are actually lingerie or pyjama cases and have such alluring eyes....
So, thank you again Clare for your kindness and for 'being there' when I needed to have a whinge!...I hope your dolly will make friends soon and be very happy here!!....


  1. That's an amazing doll collection you have Niki. How lovely of Clare to send you such a pretty new doll. The fabric she was wrapped in is a Bakers or Parkerknoll(Bakers I think) fabric that my Sister had a hand in designing. She used to work for GP and J Baker as a textile designer. I used to have quite a lot of the rosebud fabric that 'somehow' made it's way from their studio!(its ok it was samples) I made it into a lovely tablecloth and napkins for Mum to use in the garden for afternoon tea. It's a very pretty design. So where is the newest doll going to live?

  2. How darling! What a sweetie Clare is! Your doll collection is grand. How can you be lonely with all those lovely ladies around your home! (heehee) Have a wonderful weekend, Niki!

  3. OH WOW,I'am so jealous!!. Is that a 'HITTY" DOLL in the grey dress, peg legs? I wanted to buy one once but it was way to much. I noticed her because I'am reading the book,"HITTY" her first 100 years.
    What a nice gift from Clare, just what you needed after all the work you did last week to post all your new things.

  4. Hi Niki,

    I'm so glad she won't be lonely any more! You have some really beautiful dolls, their faces are exquisite. Have you made many of them new clothes or are they mainly the original dresses etc?

    Thank you for the mention by the way!

    Clare x

  5. Anonymous6:49 pm

    What a lovely collection of Dolls, it must have taken ages to collect them - I do love them but never seem to find them, where on earth do you find them? I have this habit of 'not seeing' I go into a shop or a fair and because there is so much stuff, my brain switches off. I guess it must take practice!

  6. OK. I feel better now, I got a cute doll and a lamp etc at the thrift store today. Still jealous of yours but feeling better.

  7. Anonymous9:29 pm

    What an amazing collection of dolls you have and how lovely of Clare to send you such a lovely gift.

  8. Anonymous10:12 pm

    The doll is lovely! What a thoughtful gift from Clare. It looks like she will have plenty of doll friends to look after her.

  9. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your comment. I have always bought old things, so have collected pretty things for my home over many years. I am not interested in buying clothes for myself, or jewels etc, as some women do...all of my 'pocket money' goes on old stuff! To be honest, it is usually cheaper to buy old rather than new. I shop at flea markets and fairs and also the web. (I don't always manage to find things.)
    Good luck with your searches and have fun!

    Hi Clare,
    I have made some of the dolls clothes, such as the lace dresses on my wooden pin dolls. Others are original - which is always preferable.


  10. Anonymous1:18 am

    Your collection is amazing and I'm sure that Clare's gift will fit in just perfectly.

  11. What a lovely dolls you have!And what a lovely gift.

    Have a lovely weekend Niki.

  12. Wow, what a beautiful surprise!! Amazing doll collection!!

  13. LOVE the topsy turvey dolls.

  14. what a beautiful collection of doll friends you have. thanks for sharing. i love dolls too. you can see all my doll friends here...

  15. How exciting! Isn't it fun to receive an unexpected parcel. All your dolls look wonderful - which reminds me I've forgotten to pack the dolls heads I bought at the last 3-day! See you tomorrow laden with items with your name on!

  16. What a lovely doll collection! I especially like the bisque Kewpie dolls - adorable. Thanks for sharing your lovely surprise and introducing us to your dolls. Hope you're feeling better by now!

  17. Oh another lovely collection Niki!and how nice of Clare to send you such a treat!

  18. hello, dear friend, i just have to say i love your wooden peg dolls, oh and your wax and half dolls there just so beautiful.

  19. Oh how very nice of Claire to send you such a gorgeous parcel and being their when you needed someone!

    I like your seldmade doll best of all!

  20. Niki,
    I am CRAZY about your "dolly" collection. I too, collect them and they just seem to call out to me to take them home.
    Clare does have awesome taste and her packaging is divine.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)


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