Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Vintage Treasures...

Hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. It was great to take some time off, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to go treasure hunting again! Here are my best buys:
A fabulous original oil painting of Hydrangeas, an amazing hand painted celluloid baby brush and mirror set in it's original box and a pretty selection of vintage brooches.

Ruby red antique fabrics and an unusual trinket pot with floral lid.
A stunning fan decorated with cherubs, a pearly collection of hat pins and a very large china cup decorated with Lilacs and Daisies.

Two pretty French bridesmaids headpieces, a muslin baby bonnet and two sepia toned photographs.

Couldn't resist some delicate rose printed china and the framed print on silk. And two Deco parasols.

Finally, I treated myself to a gorgeous and dramatic quilt from Sue. At the moment I have placed it on my wooden bench in the living-room as a seat pad, but I think it will be useful in several other places too, so it will go for a wander now and then!

Sue had also spotted in the current issue of 'Antiquexplorer' that my hand made bags were featured. So she kindly gave me several (!) copies - thank you Sue.

On the Bank Holiday Monday we visited the Daffodil Fair at Mells, so I wanted to share with you the wonderful garden at the Manor House there. The Spring weather was amazing and the flowers were enchanting.

I really must catch up with lots of crafting now, after taking time off over the Easter holidays - enjoy the rest of the week. Hope this gorgeous weather continues!


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    You always find the most wonderful vintage treasures, I get quite green with jalousy! Those gardens look wonderful, sounds like you had a great Easter.

  2. Oh! my goodness. what treasures are to be had, if you know where to go..and you do! I love them all. congratulations on being featured in the magazine. Your bags are a delight. Finally the photo is everything I think England is in the Spring. I hope you don't mind but it is now my new screen saver...!

  3. Hi Niki, well done on your fabulous finds! That quilt is gorgeous, the painting is so pretty and, well it is ALL lovely!

    How wonderful to have your bags featured, but then they are beautiful!

    Glad you had a lovely Easter!

    Clare x

  4. Niki,
    I have one of your bags, so I ccan see how they made the magazine, they are so well made and so pretty. Good for you.
    Guess it was a good idea to go treasure shopping when you did, that was a really good day. Isn't it funny how on some days you can find so many good things and on other days not. Love those good days.

  5. You found wonderful treasures!

  6. Niki, I am so glad you are enjoying spring weather. It has been so cold in Port Clinton Ohio, we had snow on Easter. I do hope we have a warm up soon. I love all the lovely treasures you found.the comb and brush set is beautiful and I love the quilt. The pictures of the flowers gives me something to look forward to...Sharon K

  7. BEAUTIFUL! What stunning finds! I can't even begin to choose a favorite! And a HUGE congrats that your bags were featured!

    I love your photo of the daffodils! Here on Cape Cod many towns have "Daffodil Days" in April. They are usually weekend-long town events.

  8. Wow those things are beautiful. How did you manage to uncover so many of them! Congrats on the magazine feature too. Fingers crossed for this weather continuing ...
    Kim x

  9. Drool, how/where/when do you find such fabulous stuff, everything is so pretty.

  10. If you weren't clear across the ocean, I'd come steal your hydrangea painting! How gorgeous!

  11. I adore those bridesmaid headpieces, and the roses china.... well as usual everything... you certainly have an eye for all that is beautiful.

    How exciting to see your bag in print!

    best wishes Ginny

  12. Hey a screensaver....that IS an idea :0
    Niki have you gotten your package from me yet?

  13. What lovely things you found. I particularly love the parasols. Mary

  14. Hi Niki

    I'm so glad you got the quilt before anyone else! It looks so good in The Stone House! I'm sure I picked up that bonnet! Was it from Jane? I can't think where else I went ...

    You certainly had some good finds on Sunday. Much as I love having my pitch and seeing all my regular customers, I do very much miss being able to browse everyone else's pitches!

    Sue xx

  15. Just gorgious

    Take care

  16. What a splendid Easter you have had! Treasures that you found to bring home, treasure that you have made and the treasure of that beautiful spring day!

  17. Anonymous8:31 am

    You find the most amazing treats! That is a great bunch of fab finds! Springtime in England--nothing like. Happy Days! :o)

  18. Anonymous12:51 pm

    I am always amazed at all the wonderful 'stuff' you find!! makes me wishes I live on your side of the water!!.. I so enjoy reading your blog... I have been for about 3 months now . Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and great 'read'

  19. Anonymous2:15 pm

    une vraie merveille que tes coupons de tissu ... belle armoire à linge !

  20. Well done Niki, beautiful finds as always. I love that Hydrangea picture. Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers. Are you selling that one?

    I have a copy of the Antique Explorer but haven't looked inside yet, I will now :-)

  21. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Your treasures are so lovely - I adore your blog and appreciate the pretties that you share with us!

  22. wow! wow! wow! you are so lucky to be able to find such fabulous treasures. what an abundance of pretties - you lucky girl! debbie =)

  23. What an amazing selection of treasures you found, I am quite envious. Congratulation on the magazine feature too.

  24. Such wonderful finds! I recently found some French bridesmaid hairpieces at a brocante. So lovely.

  25. Anonymous8:07 pm

    oh dear, these are all such eye candy! I could dive right in!
    And congrats on your feature!

  26. Love all the beautiful photos on your blog!

  27. i would love to go shopping with you- the oil painting with the hydrangeas is divine, and the hat pins and parasols, oh my .

  28. Your treasures are beautiful - you really know how to find the good stuff! And it's wonderful that your bags were in a magazine - I bet you were thrilled.

    allie from minneapolis

  29. Hello Niki, Wow! Wow! Wow! What gorgeous finds!! I love em all. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Also thanks so for your comment that you left on my blog about "blog etiquette"..I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging a least a bit that is. Yes, we do all need a life outside these computers. Have a beautiful day :-} ~Mary~aka Bella

  30. Anonymous12:41 am

    What a lovely blog you have. I spend quite a while looking at all your treasures! Congratulations on your handbags making the magazine!!

  31. I do believe I must travel across the pond...the treasures you find are just to die for!

  32. Oh what great finds. Love the hydrangea painting!!! One of my favorite flowers to paint.

  33. Jut wow at all your wonderful new finds Niki! Oh I'm so glad to be the proud owner of one of your gorgeous handmade bags and my mum loves her's too! That blooming garden is beautiful!! Hugs Carol xox


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