Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seasonal Blues.

I have made a return visit to the Bluebell woods this morning. They are now looking spectacular, so I thought I would share with you a few of my photographs.

The Wisteria growing against the decking in our garden is now coming into flower too - beautiful against the clear blue sky.


Pearl, Louise, and Sonia have all very kindly bestowed upon me the 'Thinking Blogger Award' - thank you very much - I am flattered. I am supposed to now choose my 5 favourite blogs, but they have already been rewarded with the award, so please have a look through my side bar and take a look at all of the blogs I love to visit - they should all be winners. (Hope that's OK!)

Have a lovely weekend, Niki x


  1. Beautiful flowers Nicki. I especially love the wisteria. It`s just so gorgeous.


  2. The bluebells carpeting the woods are one of my favourite English scenes. The butterfly is beautiful too.

  3. My sister lives in Byran. She loves the bluebells there and talks about them all the time. Bluebells are reason enough to visit Texas in the spring.

  4. Beautiful photos! My mother's favorite is wysteria, so it always makes me smile to see pictures of it.

    Congratulations on your award---it is most deserved!

  5. Such wonderful photos, I so wish that I was there, it looks enchanting
    Victoria x

  6. I simply adore "blue gardens"

  7. What beautiful flowers! I must say that I'm more than a little jealous of the wisteria. A nasty cold snap killed all of the blooms on our vine just as they were starting to open. :(
    We'll get more flowers later on, but not like the first bloom of the season.
    For now, I'll live through you. :)

  8. Your blue bell wood is fabulous Niki, thanks for the pictures! I wish we'd had one here too! In our woods the white anemone is blooming now. Your wisteria is also wonderful! Mine is almost blooming too, but it's pink! Oh and btw after a very long time and mainly thanks to you and all your inspiration I was flea marketing again yesterday and it was fantastic!:D I found a whole case of scrumptious vintage goodies! I'm going to show my new treasures in my next post.
    Happy Monday to you! Carol xox

  9. We bought our house because of its bluebell wood - in full flower during our viewing (5 minutes in house hour in grounds) - it will not flower until May though - for my birthday.
    The scent of bluebells is wonderful, your photographs are lovely - it is a difficult blue to capture,

  10. Your bluebells are stunning! The only blue I have in my garden is grape hyacinths and forget-me-nots. We have wild lilies that grow like weeds here, so in a month or two my yard will be orange! =) The butterfly is beautiful, too!

  11. The flowers are beautiful and thank you for the wonderful walk through your area.

  12. Beautiful!!! I am sure there must be magic among those bluebells!

  13. I knew you would have images of bluebells! they are like litttle fairies at the bottom of the garden you know they are there and before you can tell everyone about them they are gone again, but they will of course be back again next year, x

  14. Gorgeous bluebells. Well done on the award, I've never heard of all these awards.. how wonderful.x

  15. Oh I do envy you. I saw the spread about bluebells in your UK Country Living and I was aching to visit a bluebell wood. Thanks for doing it for us and reporting back!



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