Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fabric Covered Treasure Boxes.

I have collected antique French fabric covered boxes for many years now. I use them in my workroom everyday. Each one is covered in a different pretty floral print, so it is easy to remember what is kept inside each of them.
Old brooches and diamante buckles in this one....

And vintage buttons in the little label hiding beneath the lid.
Some of the wonderful fabric coverings date from the C19th - imagine shopping during this time and seeing the shelves stocked with these beauties....
The fabric cover to this box has faded over the passing years....but lift the lid....

....and the colour still sings inside!

Occasionally I have found round ones too.
I love the fact that these little boxes are still decorative, as well as useful, after so many years; I wouldn't be without them.
Yesterday a friend of mine popped in for a cup of tea. She so very kindly bought me a bunch of roses from her garden. One of each of the varieties that she grows in her little cottage garden.

I wish I could photograph them well enough to do them justice; they really are stunning and the scent from them is truly delicious.


  1. I love the fabric boxes. :) Your decorating is all so inspiring :)

  2. Ooh I'm first! The boxes are beautiful, they must be increasingly hard to find. Love the faded one with the fabric inside still lovely and bright. Why can't packaging be as beautiful these days! Those roses look gorgeous too.
    Kim x

  3. The roses are absolutely gorgeous!And so are your fabric covered boxes!! They are even lovlier when they fade slightly!

  4. Roses and treasure boxes, what a lovely combination! I'd just love to peek through your treasure boxes and see what goodies you have at your fingertips! =)

  5. Your fabric-coverd boxes looks great. And I can see you have some wonderful trasures inside them too. :) lovely flowercards. The chair you made a new cover looks so great too. Have you seen my fleamarket charis? I made a new cover as well. You can see them at my post on the 27th of May.

  6. You always have the best pictures. Love it!!

  7. Love it all. You always have the prettiest stuff.

  8. Hi Niki

    Wow again! They're fabulous. And how lovely that you have Clare and my business cards tucked in one of them! Sharp eyes, you see, even at this time of night!!

    I thought the few boxes I had were pretty, but yours certainly surpass them!

    See you soon.
    Sue xx

  9. Leaving a comment a bit late in the night now but just had to say what a lovely site all those boxes are together. But look whats inside one of them .... ohhh all that bling ....

    Hope the sewing machine has bought some calm back to the sewing room.:)

    best wishes Ginny

  10. Anonymous3:49 am

    Oh my I lust after your boxes. They are a true treasure... and your fabrics, they make me drool....
    Tammie Moore

  11. I'm so glad I popped over here from Beachy's blog. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. do you mind if I add it to my favorites?

  12. I love fabric boxes too Niki, though your collection is much larger than mine! they are gorgeous!

  13. Ooooh, all those lovely buttons and brooches in your little boxes, I would love to look through those!
    Toby visited here yesterday but all the photo's came up as little red crosses and he couldnt see the images, will have to tell him to come back again to see your treasures.

  14. Anonymous10:41 am

    You're the best Niki !
    I adore your boxes , I would just love to spend hours looking through them , it would be such fun!
    I am so inspired again !

  15. ohhhh......lovely pictures today - and what a wonderful friend!
    Tracy x

  16. Lovely, just lovely! Makes me want to go putter in my crafting space and make things look pretty ...

    but first, I want to go find some fabric boxes at the shops near me.

  17. Hi Niki,

    Ooh my sort of eye candy!!! I LOVE all of your gorgeous fabric boxes. I have a few - but not enough! You have some really pretty ones.

    Well spotted Sue, I didn't notice them at first!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Clare x

  18. Oh my..girl you are eye candy and love your fabric boxes!! i must add you to my blog list and visit often!

  19. Love the boxes and the material and every thing that is in them is also a wonderful treasure.

  20. Anonymous12:16 am

    oh, I adore these boxes! And of course the yummy treasures in inside.....

  21. SO pretty Niki!!! We do not have such gorgeous boxes here in America...they are very few and far between. SO nice to see such lovely ones! I would love to learn how to cover my own boxes...I need to sit and give it a try.

    Have a wonderful day! Heather

  22. i love those boxes! they are just gorgeous!!!!! lucky you =) and how sweet of your friend to bring you roses... debbie

  23. Those boxes are so wonderful! And filled with such treasures, too.
    The photos of your flowers make a day sunny.

  24. I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to.

  25. I Love those boxes, any tips on how to get started? what sort of glue would you use?

  26. I love these boxes!! Such a lovely way to organize your stuff. I use decorative tins, but these are much prettier. I'm traveling to France this summer, maybe I can find one! xoxo, suzy

  27. Anonymous2:21 am

    Beautiful fabric boxes! Love the pretty baubles too! Everything is gorgeous as always!

  28. I'm glad your charm arrived safely and you liked it.

    Those French fabric boxes certainly are not something I come by around here in Kansas!! Wish I did!!!

  29. I just love those boxes. They all need lovely treasures to go in them:-)
    Take care,
    Alison x

  30. These old boxes are totally new to me! How great to have old things that are also very useful today! Happy,happy :)
    Do we know your rose growing friend? I guess you would have told us if we did. Tell her to start a blog :)

  31. Your fabric boxes are beautiful, as are the cottage roses!

  32. what gorgeous roses, and boxes! a beautiful post.

  33. The fabric boxes are amazing. I have never seen or maybe have never noticed them at sales before. I just love them and from now on will be on the lookout .

    What a lovely way to keep all your treasures organized.

    Karen Young


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